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rockmodenick t1_j1knkg1 wrote

No need for anxiety, because even if each bounce and repeat creates identical universes, the new identical person isn't actually you. You don't share memories, you've just had identical experiences. There's no connection between the consciousnesses, and each is only a brief blip in untold ages of time.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1knvs3 wrote

yeah, i'll be fine if that guy won't be me. thanks


rockmodenick t1_j1knzts wrote

You're welcome, and if he ever ever exists, he definitely won't be you.


CaptainPicardKirk t1_j1kx87r wrote

That may help him...but it gives me anxiety! It would give comfort to know I'm a life form breathing in an out of existence for all eternity.


iamthelouie t1_j1kyman wrote

Calm down. You’re giving the next guy anxiety.


rockmodenick t1_j1kxgo6 wrote

You and me both, but I do like that it makes him feel better.


lord_kristivas t1_j1kye4f wrote

>You're welcome, and if he ever ever exists, he definitely won't be you.

I wouldn't take comfort in that.

What if Deja Vu are mental blips from past timelines, which could be an indicator that we are destined to go through this again and again forever? Yes, us. Directly us.


RoyalCities t1_j1l45nw wrote

Deja vu is just your brain trying to remember something - failing - and then just making it seem familiar anyways to cover its own ass.

Dont trust that guy.


DClawsareweirdasf t1_j1l3n4r wrote

I’ve heard Deja Vu is simply different parts of the brain receiving or assessing information at slightly different times (I cant remember but something like fractions of a second apart) which tricks you into thinking you’ve experienced something before — because technically you did a VERY brief time ago


stefiscool t1_j1l30z4 wrote

I’m ok with this. I kind of like it, actually.


Vaiiki t1_j1kxm2c wrote

Yeah he could even theoretically have sex with him even.


HarvesterConrad t1_j1kqeuz wrote

He will be fine he’s not you too when he reads other me’s comment here.


NotAHamsterAtAll t1_j1kv315 wrote

You die each night and a clone is filled with your memories each morning.


fenton7 t1_j1l0syd wrote

Given how fast cells renew, that's not far from the truth.


thebeandream t1_j1kx110 wrote

Alternatively, from this point onward just do things to have an awesome life. If it repeats then, even though you had a bad time up til now, at least you know future you will be worth repeating.


krazy123katholic t1_j1kwgdb wrote

It's the same thing I always heard from people in dangerous jobs. If it happens, you'll never know. I got anxiety too, and it's one of the things that'll trigger it. I'm the opposite because I hate microbiology. It's out of your control and do what you're doing and enjoy life. It doesn't even need to be a bounce. An asteroid could smack us any second and we wouldn't even register it, just like an amoeba could shut our brain down. Live your life and don't worry about it! Do what you're doing and enjoy the ride my dude! (PS none of what I described is going to happen because in layman's terms, space stuff takes a long time to do anything. You're just having an anxiety attack probably and you're good. Just breathe.)


7lick t1_j1la07a wrote

It is you without you knowing that it is you.

Mindfuck, i know.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1la57o wrote

it isn't me, it's someone else


7lick t1_j1la93s wrote

Keep believing that budy. Joking.

It is someone with the same exact experience and memories as you. That is if the big bounce theory is true.

We run into a similar problem with cloning, if you clone yourself is that clone is you, an extension of you or someone else altogether. At least in the case of cloning, we know that over time that clone would be different from you as time passes.

In the case of a big bounce theory, if we assume that the universe is deterministic, we get the same exact outcome every time.


GanSoku t1_j1ksrq7 wrote

I mean you can’t say that for sure. I blooped into existence from the void once, there’s no reason it can’t happen again. In fact I think it has to and there’s no way to escape reality


rockmodenick t1_j1kt01r wrote

But, you can say that for sure, because if you don't share memories or a consciousness, which you can't in this situation, you're by definition not the same person.


GanSoku t1_j1kzwab wrote

I guess what I meant is there’s no way to escape consciousness. We are infinitely conscious, but not as the same being


Apprehensive_Wolf217 t1_j1lack6 wrote

I rather like the term “blooped into existence” I feel we bloop in and out all the time, back and forth where special and general relativity meet.


Denver-Ski t1_j1kx99x wrote

The Big Crunch is a fading theory. It came about when we believed that the Big Bang would slow and contract. Now that we understand that the expansion is accelerating, the crunch doesn’t seem very likely


rockmodenick t1_j1kxl9o wrote

Yeah, and the heat death of the universe is one of my anxieties, so...


Denver-Ski t1_j1kxwwp wrote

More likely a cold, dark freeze. Not for Earth, though. Earth will be engulfed by the sun… so… you’re not wrong… it’ll just be a long before that happens. Most galaxies will spread apart into darkness, though :/


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1lamkz wrote

yeah, for me ,i'll go with heat death, not even taking any 1/gogolian chances of living this life again, lol


Denver-Ski t1_j1lzk2p wrote

I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like you’ve had a very rough life. I hope that things go at least a little better from here.


froggythefish t1_j1kwwmg wrote

This assumes freedom of will is real, and one’s choices are not 100% defined by reproducible chemical reactions.


rockmodenick t1_j1kxbzx wrote

Free will isn't required, necessarily, in fact, if one believes in reductive predetermination, that precludes an immortal, immaterial component, which makes an even stronger case that you and the bounce universe repeat have no connections and the similarities are irrelevant.


Just_Michael1138 t1_j1kvkgx wrote

Disturbing: What if that's what deja vu is? Remembering previous aeons.

Even more disturbing: what if the light at the end of the tunnel is us hitting the big L at the moment of death, and crossing into the next aeon, only it seems fast because of the dimensional shift?


AFX2W1N t1_j1l1bgt wrote

We don’t even know what consciousness is exactly and you are claiming that there will be no connection given one of the most theoretical observations one can make?


rockmodenick t1_j1l2f50 wrote

I know that my consciousness of now is not my consciousness of yesterday. In fact, it updates moment to moment, with only memories and common hardware. How exactly is a consciousness that's been dead for billions of years going to be synchronized with another? It's absurd

However, the short answer is that burden of proof is on the person making the greater claim, I'm claiming that there's no evidence of any information exchange between cycles of the universe, should cycles of the universe even be real - which I highly doubt anyway for a number of reasons supported by data gathered by people much more knowledgeable than I am on the subject. You're claiming not only are they real, but they somehow include a psychic connection between cycles. So you need to come up with a huge amount of evidence, or the default claim, which is that that all sounds like a bunch of nonsense.


AFX2W1N t1_j1l3y85 wrote

The only claim I made is that we still do not know what consciousness is.


AFX2W1N t1_j1l4nhw wrote

And I essentially agree w/ you and am just playing devils advocate and picking your brain a bit.


rockmodenick t1_j1lw9ed wrote

Ok cool then I'll elaborate - I counted three claims:

  1. we don't know what consciousness is

  2. I'm claiming their won't be a connection

  3. this situation is way too theoretical to make any claims at all about, with any reliability.

The reason I think these constitute the greater claim, and therefore my claim is the safer one, is as such

  1. we don't, but we can measure a bunch of things about it, and experience it, therefore,

  2. there's never been any evidence of psychic connections of any kind, so it seems really unlikely this situation would be an exception. It could be, but it seems way safer to assume no.

  3. I mean, yeah, chances are much much higher we're headed for heat death than a bounce, universe wise, so in that sense it is pretty silly to "what-if" a bounce scenario, but I was trying to relieve OPs anxiety, so I took this part as a given.


Chicken_Teeth t1_j1l5dmr wrote

Reminds me of the whole “being deconstructed by a teleporter” thing. Are you the same person when reconstructed on the other end? I guess, in this case, we’re just reruns, though, so it’s not the same.


12edDawn t1_j1leq2z wrote

>You don't share memories

...but you do though, if you experiences are identical, no?


rockmodenick t1_j1luqhk wrote

I'd say you have the same ones, rather than that they're shared, because they didn't go from one to the other, in a "ship of Theseus" or teleporter situation - the actual individuals are separated by billions of years. Like, two people have separate recordings of the same movie, rather than sharing a single recording of a movie, if that distinction makes more sense.


Tyrilean t1_j1l51lr wrote

Sounds like a similar thought experience to ship of Theseus.


galacticbackhoe t1_j1knsfy wrote

It seems unlikely to me that in a big bounce theory that everything would happen the exact same way - especially down to your existence + anxiety.

Are you on mushrooms or something? You should relax.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1koarn wrote

but given infinite big bangs and crunches, can't it be?


Mandelvolt t1_j1kovkn wrote

If that is the case, do you remember the infinite number of lives you have lived? No? Then it is irrelevant from your point of view, in this case they would be indistinguishable and therefore can be counted as a singular event rather than an infinite series. 1x1x1x1=1.


Jonesdeclectice t1_j1koq2u wrote

Mathematically, yes. Practically? No. Mathematically, it’s possible for a monkey with a typewriter to write the cure for cancer complete with steps for synthesis, the chemistry, formulas, etc etc. But even in the face of infinite, it’s not going to happen - even if the math works out.


nivvera t1_j1krpq8 wrote

With infinite cycles, practicality doesn't matter. Everything will happen simply because there's no limit on everything reforming. Doesn't matter if the iterations are some unimaginable number apart because nothing is limiting that number.


tcwillis79 t1_j1l0ehi wrote

It’s very unlikely that the cure for cancer could be described using only a type writer. I’m no ontologist but I’m guessing there is going to need to be some pictures.


effitdoitlive t1_j1l9tj5 wrote

But the monkey can just draw txt pics with these /-(;) silly


Stratusfear21 t1_j1krebw wrote

No. With an infinite process each rendition would be something new ad infinitum. It takes extraordinarily very little to have extremely massive changes. Considering we'd have a different scenario every time; the chances of earth being a thing much less very broadly close to what it is now (and I don't think you fathom what I mean by broadly) would be such a small percentage that we can say it's not possible. It's not possible. You're only giving it a percentage because that's how math works. Truthfully though nobody has any clue on how any of this stuff works and they are all outlandish hypotheticals. We are still dumb apes poking at fire with sticks. We know very little about the nature of our reality. We know a little bit but very little in the grand scheme of things. And we don't even know the grand scheme of things.


Professional_Bed_431 t1_j1kotno wrote

Strictly speaking, yes, but we'd probably need to be countless quintillion cycles in or some crazy number like that for the odds to line up I'd imagine. Doesn't seem like a 1:1 repeat would be all tbat likely. If the universe even is cyclical in the first place. Who knows really.


gamesager t1_j1l65ez wrote

The thing is, if you're only conscious in the universes where it does happen within the infinite universes that happen, then it wouldn't matter how long it takes for it to happen again. Eventually some unfathomable number of years pass and that replica earth exist again.


12345-password t1_j1kol87 wrote

If this is what happens it's highly unlikely this is your first go round even though it seems like it is, so it doesn't matter.


ifsavage t1_j1kvcvt wrote

You guys are cool for being helpful and kind to op. So many subs would not.

Big brains. Big hearts.


madsjchic t1_j1ks37o wrote

The universe is consciousness experiencing itself. There are infinite versions of you. You never end, you only learn and grow. Even the shitty stuff serves a a point of reference.


akallyria t1_j1l5xp8 wrote

Reminds me of The Egg, by Andy Weir. Hands down my favorite short story of all time.


LaRealiteInconnue t1_j1le45d wrote

That story gave me a feeling that I have no words for…like a happy-sad-existential-crisis-enlightenment? Is there a word for that? Surely, the Germans might’ve come up with one already lol


akallyria t1_j1px6xy wrote

It does seem like there would be. I found the underlying concept transformative in my interactions with other people.


no-tenemos-triko-tri t1_j1ldx7v wrote

Can somebody elaborate on this?


madsjchic t1_j1lyigl wrote

Well, for me, I believe that consciousness and your soil is a unique YOU. And physical/temporal reality is like this kaleidoscope you can use to look through at yourself and others. And it’s constantly changing. And each different lifetime is this different perspective you never knew. Every particle has some level of awareness, which is what collapses the quantum super states. And we all share this space so our collective reality is stable because we are all looking at each other and thus find the collective same states for reality. And we make choices in that space. Hard science can make sense of HOW our bodies act like computers but could never replicate consciousness because that’s just another name for creating another life/person. Anyway, the universe is infinite so if you can imagine it, it has or will exist somewhere, sometime.


radraze2kx t1_j1kxjmc wrote

I'm not really answering your question but responding to your anxiety. As someone that has gone through multiple "infinite time loops" while having focal seizures, if you're anxious about reliving your life over and over and over, simply lead the life that makes you happiest.

Before I realized I was having seizures, I struggled with "simulation theory", the idea of reincarnation over and over in the same life, being stuck in my own personal hell-loop, etc. It seemed awful, but then I decided to do what makes me happiest (which is altruism). Now, IDGAFF if I'm repeating this life over and over, because it's a great life.


DrankTooMuchMead t1_j1l9cn6 wrote

I'm also epileptic. It sounds like the deja vu feelings have done a number on you, but I also feel like I have been connected to past lives through my experiences.


SeizuringFish t1_j1lk8sk wrote

Epileptic gang ftw xD.. have had the weirdest experience during auras..


Hurgnation t1_j1llpm8 wrote

I went through this as a teenager triggered from smoking pot. Absolutely changed my life (nearly ended it too), but I feel like coming to terms with this has enriched it greatly.

Interesting that you mention similar feelings, it's not something I ever talk about or thought that others might experience as well.


radraze2kx t1_j1y6wbv wrote

yea it nearly ended mine as well. as weird as it is to say this, several years later, taking mdma for the first time fixed me.


Trapezoidoid t1_j1kz79r wrote

I’ve always said that even if the whole of time repeated itself over and over into infinity you would never notice the difference. This could be your first and only life or it could be your billionth go-round. How could you ever know? Just appreciate the unfathomable unlikelihood of your existence. You have somehow managed to become a part of all this you lucky bastard.

You and I know as much about the extended universe as a microbe living on a grain of sand on the sea floor knows about the ocean. It may have a vague sense of the ocean’s existence but isn’t capable of understanding the vastness. But it happily goes about it’s business. Just go with it man. You’ll be ok.


sciguy52 t1_j1l0qbk wrote

So couple of things. Physicists say if our current universe is infinite, then there are identical you's out there right now. Do you sense them? Feel their anxiety? No. So while they may be identical to you even living the same exact life as you (when things get infinite, the probabilities of this happening become very likely, infinity is big, really big). We don't know with certainly our whole universe, including the vast part we cannot every communicate with or observe, is in fact infinite, but it could be. Then this scenario likely is true probabilistically.

But you are missing something with the big bounce, it would be a mistake to assume in the next bounce that it produces a universe like ours, with our physical laws, atoms etc. It is quite possible maybe even likely that most, and am talking a very high percentage are universes with different physical laws where you literally could not exist. Change the physical laws, you get a different universe, it could be a universe that contains no atoms at all and may have something else. If conditions for life are possible there, that life would be very different, most of the them would probably not have the needed conditions. A lot of thought has been put into our universe's laws and we find them balanced in just the right way that conditions developed where life could even exist. Some physicists say our current universe may not be at is ground energy state, put simply it could be at a temporary stable state that hypothetically could drop into a lower, more stable energy state. If that would happen, our universe would be "consumed" by this new state and in the process will wipe out the current universe and all that we know would change into a universe with different key physical properties where we could not exist after being wiped out from existence. Don't worry about this because if it does happen we will not be able to see it coming at us as it would move at the speed of light, and once here on earth you would simply blink out of existence without having even a moment to think about what is happening.

We do not have the ability to tell what our universe was like at time zero, that is a singularity where our current physical laws break down and we do not have any idea for what exactly existed at time zero, we can only see so far back in time to the big bang, which is not time zero when the singularity existed. The big bang, as far as we can tell wiped out any evidence that could be detected before it happened.

So the big crunch would return the universe to that singularity. In that singularity we have no information on what the physical laws existed, as our physical laws were spawned out of the big bang. We do not have a current theory of quantum gravity that might give us some insights but we can never know time zero. So with infinite bounces, probabilities (again infinite is big, really big) some of those bounces, a very very very small fraction of which would like make another universe with the same physical laws as our current one, where as the vast vast majority of the other universes quite likely have different physical laws that precludes life of any kind forming. Another might have physical laws that allow life, but this does not mean it would be life like ours. That universe many not have atoms and all the other stuff, and have something completely different. However, infinite bounces is so many bounces that probability wise we could not only end up with a universe with physical laws exactly like this one, but infinity universes would also mean there would not only be universes like ours, but also some that play out exactly like this one right here, including making a new you, exactly as you are now, having lived the exact same life as you are now identically. However the future universe "you" will have no connection to you now in any way, even if that other you lives an identical existence. That other you may experience everything there is about your life, feelings etc., but has not connection to you now. It is a copy of you, not the actual current you, and our current understanding of how this might play out would mean anything about you, evidence you existed, your entire existence will be wiped in that crunch back into a singularity. So you would have ceased to exist, and latter a copy arose identical to you, but with its own conscious existance and no knowledge of you now, or of any of the other infinite you's that have been, or will be. Infinity is hard to mentally conceptualize, our brains cannot comprehend it beyond mathematical descriptions. So many other universes different than our own would form, but infinity being what it is, there would be infinite universes that form and develop exactly like this one with you doing the same things again in life in that universe, but also other universe where you are different and live a different life than you have led here.

The heat death may be a different situation. In that scenario the universe expands and keeps on expanding till the universe is dark, energetically homogenious without enough energy to perform any "work" in the physical sense, maximum entropy, empty, cold, not atoms as they have been torn apart by then and cold. That could be the extent of it, and it just stays that way forevere and ever. No planets, no stars, no black holes, just a very low level of energy that is too low to do any work, so it stays that way. There are some hypothesis that the heat death could allow certain quantum effects to occur that would spawn a new big bang out of that dead universe. But practically speaking we don't know if that is what would happen, or it just stays cold, dark and dead for enternity. This is assuming time still exists in the heat death scenario. One of the theories of what "time" is that it is a function of increasing entropy in the universe. If this is true (we don't know if this is what creates what we experience as time), in the heat death, entropy has reached its greatest disorder possible (more or less) and if so, does time continue to exist? Depends if the entropy changes are in fact why we experience "time" (note there are other theories). And that could be it, and it simply stays that way. A lot of what I described here is mostly hypothesis, and like a big crunch, we do not know if things will play out like this with any certainty. Just hypothesized possible ends that we can never be sure will happen. We won't be around to observe it as we would be long gone.

So don't worry, any future you's will live their own identical lives, but the current you would not have any connection with it in any way whatsoever.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1l2aqa wrote

thanks for you time, so basically you're saying is heat death is what likely to happen than big bounce and even if big bounce happen there is so little possibility of having universe in same order. Even if it happens , i won't be the guy , someone new with consciousness will think it's me?


sciguy52 t1_j1l7nxh wrote

Since this is so far into the future we can't really say with certainty what will be the end. Not a physicist but from what I can tell, heat death sounds is the one they lean to a bit more with the caveat we really don't know. Some recent big bounce theoretical papers came out and I get the feeling that physicists leaned against this for some reasons. One of the issues is we can only go by the observations we can take right now. If the contraction started a million years ago we would not be able to observe it yet as no signals would reach us for a long long time as it takes so long for light to travel the universe. So it is a theoretical paper that this might happen in the future where the data we have right now is the universe is expanding, hence heat death has more support. There is also the big rip which has some supporters. When I say supporters I don't mean they believe one or the other has the data to prove it, just extrapolating from from what we know now seems more likely provided something does not change, which could well occur. But if could be millions or billions of years before we could actually observe these changes to provide support of the big bounce. The straight technical answer is we do not know what the end is, but have some hypothesis of what it could be. Some theories have a bit of data that fits but not enough to say "this is what will happen".

The Big Bounce theory you mentioned is a cyclic universe where things have been bouncing, crunching, bouncing for an infinite about of times. Infinity is big big thing. What I said above is that if you have infinite bounces you will actually get infinite universes like our own, and infinite "you's" exactly like you are now probabilistically speaking. You would also get infinite universes that are not like ours, you would also get infinite universes like ours, but in some of them you don't suffer any anxiety at all and have lived a different life. Might sound contradictory having infinite this and infinite that but the math with infinities are weird, and you can have that. Infinite is really hard to get your head around, when things happen infinitely, things that are of such a ridiculously low probability, such as another bounced universe with the exact copy of you living a copy of your life in this universe become likely, as well and infinite number of universes that can't host life at all etc. etc.

Yes that identical copy of you in a future bounced universe would at a similar universe age (mean this age right now of 13.8 billion years and change) would be posting to reddit and is asking another guy on reddit if "Even if it happens , i won't be the guy , someone new with consciousness will think it's me?" As were the identical copies of you in the past bounces at a same aged universe asked the same question before you came into existence in this universe. In principle you have been doing this exact thing over and over in various bounces where you were identically reproduced bounced universes infinitely many times, while also in other bounced universes have lived other non anxious lives and infinite amount of times (and of course all sorts of other infinite universes with different properties that harbored no life etc.). In those universes identical to this one you are not that guy, it is another guy identical to you, lived the exact same life, thinking the exact some thoughts, but have no connection in any way with the infinite other copies. No connection mentally, or otherwise as each bounce wipes the slate clean, entirely. No evidence of those past "you's" will exist after a bounce. This of course all assumes that the bouncing universe is correct, happening infinitely and does not change like bouncing for a while then doing something else.


shillyshally t1_j1kmvs4 wrote

This is a question no one can answer. It starts with a big if - whether there is a bounce - which is speculation at this point and then proceeds to ask a specific question about the nature of the unproven, speculative event.

Think what you want. Your speculation holds as much weight as any other or face up to the Fact there are unknowables at the heart of our existence.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1kn28m wrote

Yeah but what's more likely to happen?


BeepBlipBlapBloop t1_j1knapu wrote

Who knows? My guess is that not every event would unfold identically every time. That seems far fetched.


Oryzaki t1_j1krcd3 wrote

The universe is highly deterministic. Given the exact same starting point. it's quite possible but also pretty irrelevant. None of us will ever know or interact with such a universe.


shillyshally t1_j1knvpv wrote

No one can answer what is more likely to happen. Take a science course, take a logic course, take a course in existentialism. You're thinking app is flawed.


cashew76 t1_j1ksi31 wrote

Quantum is probabilistic. Very very little chance a being like you ever exists again. That said at this moment ever person in your social economic life experience thinks similarity to you.

When you go do good in any way your bringing good to the world in every similarly thinking person.


wildgurularry t1_j1ku53g wrote

All evidence we have so far points to heat death. Big bounce is highly unlikely given what we know. Dark energy is pushing the universe apart way faster than anything can hold it together.


FuttleScish t1_j1kplr9 wrote

Why would it form in the exact order again each time?

Also heat death is more logical anyway


FluffyTid t1_j1ld8ji wrote

Not each time, just eventually. Whatever the config of all energy/mass on the bigbang before it explodes creates a cetain universe and eventually some cycle forms and is repeated, making time circular.


Due_Schedule5256 t1_j1komo2 wrote

No physical means we know of allows for this. You are some cells interacting until the signals run out.


IsraelZulu t1_j1kpinq wrote

Since you mentioned anxiety over your potential reincarnation, I'm gonna set aside the physics of the question (which I certainly don't understand) and address the metaphysics (which I also don't understand, but that's kind-of my point).

There's a lot about the human soul and free will that we don't understand right now. We don't even know if these are literal things in the first place, let alone how they are connected to or influenced by the physical world.

So, let's go ahead and assume the universe is operating on an infinite cycle of big bangs and big crunches and that it never loses nor gains matter nor energy in between cycles - so, eventually, it's inevitable that a random shuffling of the matter and energy will create a physical state identical to today. Whether you (for any definition of "you") will end up back here, making the same post on a new Reddit for the same reasons, is still very much uncertain.

Let's suppose that your soul - that is, the "I" in "I think, therefore I am" - is actually something firmly bound to the physical realm, created and destroyed with your physical body. In that case, along an infinite timeline of universe renewal, there may indeed be a future instance of you who lives an identical life but that wouldn't actually be you. You would have completely creased to be at the moment of your death, and the new instance would just be an entity who happens to think and operate exactly as you did when you were alive.

Conversely, let's suppose that the soul is eternal and will eventually find its way back into an appropriate body after the one it currently inhabits has perished. Yet, for whatever reason, it carries no memories from one body to the next. (Otherwise we would clearly remember our past lives, unless this just happens to actually be everyone's first life.) In this case, we're eventually going to run into a situation where "you" will be in the same body and probably under similar starting circumstances but now we've got to address the question of "free will". Is it guaranteed that you, with no memory of this life, will make the same choices that led you to the state of mind you are in today? Even if so, since you can't remember the last time you did this, is it really still the same "you"?

I think the actual answer to the question you're really asking is more philosophical than it is astronomical, and it's one that nobody today is currently equipped to address definitively. It's certainly an interesting area to explore but, absent religious faith, until we develop science and technology that can quantify the properties of the soul, there's not much we can do but aimlessly speculate.

If there happens to be such a breakthrough in our lifetimes, I'm sure that would be interesting to learn from. Until then though, focus on enjoying the life you have now and let the next one (if there is one) worry about itself.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1kr7e2 wrote

yes, thanks for your time to write this, lately its been hard, i know these are just in my head, these will go away , and i know that i will look back to these questions and be like "meh".


Dangerous-Antelope16 t1_j1kry9q wrote

death is not an exclusive club. we all hurtle toward fin. enjoy ur time. accept it. live in the moment you will be surprised what you may find.


bassicallyfunky t1_j1kyyn5 wrote

I’ve always felt this but didn’t really, truly live it until walking camino. Now I can’t imagine life any other way.


RPC3 t1_j1kv2xl wrote

A freeze, rip, or crunch are the most popular hypothesis. Even if you have a crunch, that doesn't mean there is a bounce. Even if there is a bounce, that doesn't mean matter is going to be arranged again in the exact same way. Even if it's arranged in the exact same way, that doesn't mean that the person who represents you would truly be you in that you feel like you are having an experience right now. Someone else would be having that experience.

Long story short, there are plenty of things you could have anxiety about, but this isn't one.


wak3l3oarder t1_j1koxeu wrote

Bro this is like the 3rd time I'm seeing this post from this name I dream about this!


blurryfacedfugue t1_j1kqi0q wrote

Well, assuming you're right then what if all of this has already happened? Without conscious awareness of multiple existences, it would look like the first and only time from our perspectives. Hope this helps your existential anxiety.


DanceSensitive t1_j1kr68s wrote

This is pretty silly conjecture. I used to worry about this scenario after I watched kpax when I was 12 or so. Try focusing on more relevant questions to ask yourself and then refine them until you arrive at a comfortable grounded clarity instead of delusions of grandeur.


niknok850 t1_j1ks4p8 wrote

I think Eternal Return with variation is a distinct possibility. There may be infinite lives in which you don’t have the anxieties you experience now.


scratch_post t1_j1kw9xp wrote

Assuming the big bounce is real: No, even if the post-universe evolved identically to the pre-universe down to all of the same exact quantum outcomes, you won't be your you-prime, you will no longer exist, and instead, it will be you-prime's turn.

Same concept applies to teleportation, fyi.


JarvanIVPrez t1_j1kwl35 wrote

You seem very young given how you’ve worded this. If it helps ease your mind, your suffering and anxiety is meaningless and utterly insignificant in the face of the universe. The things you are anxious about have been felt by millions and millions of people over history, all of them now dead and gone, your experiences are not unique in any sense of the word. The world does not care about your problems, because they are teeny teeny tiny. You are a blip of a blip of a blip. Think about that the next time you’re concerned about something that is entirely in your head. Nothing is worth being concerned about that isn’t just to make you happier. Nothing else matters, because anything you possibly do, even if you do something great, will be washed away with time. Find your fellow humans that you want to hold close, and do what you can to make your brief, insignificant ride through existence enjoyable for you and yours. That’s all you got.


FireBee114 t1_j1l59mv wrote

I’ll like to address the first question, the universe’s fate looks more likely happen in heat death according to multiple astronomical observations.

For rest of the questions, it’s difficult to produce a factual statement, but I’m happy to toss two cents here. If we have a Big Crunch, it wouldn’t be same as before, it’s like a scrambled egg, the fundamental force will be same but matters and energy will be all over different place. It’s very to difficult to understate an infinite time in “Big Crunch” universe because it becomes stupidly, geometric exponentially long to see every pieces in universe fall in exact order just enough for a conscious being to experience same anxiety twice or more. If we shuffled a pack 52 (52!) cards randomly, we will see every possible sequences than experience the same inescapable anxiety in “Big Crunch” universe. Basically, an odd for this to happen is next to zero, but very small sliver odd though.


67mustangguy t1_j1l5v9f wrote

I hope it’s big bounce so I can see my grandpa again…


clickwir t1_j1l9jog wrote

You've already got a lot of good answers, so I'll just add my 2 cents.

First, as far as we currently know, it's impossible to tell. So don't worry, be happy.

Second, do you remember any alternate yous? No. So even if somehow there was an exact copy of your current existence, you'd never know. So don't worry, be happy.


PSaun1618 t1_j1kpqjf wrote

You are asking an existential question best answered by religion or metaphysics. My suggestion would be to live this life to its fullest as best you can.


DontWreckYosef t1_j1kq87q wrote

I can’t decide if you actually have 1 short life until the universe and all of its atoms eventually dissipate into a quiet empty death, or if the laws of the universe require you to experience some kind of other consciousness after death. I imagine death might be like being under anesthesia; just a deep unconscious deep sleep without pain or reality. Who knows?


impartlycyborg t1_j1kqaay wrote

I have a feeling there'd be more pressing questions if we somehow came across something that made that certain or even likely.


MBeebeCIII t1_j1ks18w wrote

Suck, squeeze, bang, blow. The basic cycle of an internal combustion engine. So, the universe may be in the midst of millions upon millions of cycles. So? Can't know, don't care.


BrzysWRLD1996 t1_j1kt6ro wrote

No need to worry once your time is up you will never get another chance, use this one wisely ;)


smoakee t1_j1kudoe wrote

Bruh, world is a horrible place to deal with at a daily basis as it is. Why make yourself more anxious by thinking about thing that would be absolutely out of your control anyway if it was true?


NotAHamsterAtAll t1_j1kuwc4 wrote

Most likely, imo none of them. The universe is probably continuously created and destroyed.

There is no repeating events even if time is infinite. However time and space are related, you cannot have one without the other.

Or we are all living in a computer game, and it's all just for fun.


Just_Michael1138 t1_j1kvd04 wrote

Glad to see someone asked the same question. From what I can figure, Nature will repeat each aeon, but with subtle changes in a fractal pattern. So one aeon, you may be asian. Another aeon, you may be white. Basically, every single infinite variation that can happen will happen. How it progresses, though, or how each change is decided, is likely beyond our ability to figure out.

Literally everything in nature is fractal. Even the universe itself. Plot out the universe from Big Bang to big contraction (at the very end when the black holes all evaporate) and repeat it--it looks like a sine wave. Just look at Banach Tarski. The universe will continue to generate an infinite number of probabilities, each and every time--forever. We had this conversation the last aeon--don't you remember? Only, I think it was on that aeon's version of Facebook. lmao


infotekt t1_j1kyeip wrote

no it's not really possible. there is randomness in the processes.


TripleATeam t1_j1lbizk wrote

#1: Heat death currently seems like the more likely answer - the universe seems to be expanding at a faster rate as time goes on.

#2: Assuming no true source of randomness other than initial circumstances, I fear you'd be right. Even if there are infinite ways that an initial big bang can happen, over enough iterations we would fall into a cycle. One universe would lead to another that eventually leads back to the start of the cycle (simply by virtue of these cycles existing, not being infinitesmally unlikely, and enough iterations happening). However, don't despair. Even if this is true, it wouldn't be you, it'd be a clone. And the clone might take dozens, hundreds, or millions of universes to finally happen again.

#3: Assuming there is a source of true randomness (as there seems to be in the quantum foam), nah. Chaos reigns over such large timescales, so one quantum fluctuation going wrong at t=1 second makes the universe not resemble anything we're used to.


bookers555 t1_j1kte16 wrote

I don't think the Big Bounce theory says anything about the universes being the exact same. Just that a universe is born, grows, eventually collapses, and then a new one is born again.

Closest I can think of is the multi-verse theory. Like there's a universe where your life is the exact same, but instead of making this post you went to take a piss instead.


MrWillM t1_j1kuybz wrote

The existence of entropy seems to discredit the idea that a big bounce would be an exact replica of the universe. But I have honestly no idea.


bk_cheech t1_j1kvayi wrote

Why have I never heard of a big bounce before? I will look it up but if someone can TLDRELI5, it would be dope.


Zetenrisiel t1_j1kzzgz wrote

We bounce, but every time there is one more person and we all have one less finger on each hand.

Man, you should have seen the first one. One dude, so many fingers...


ajborges980 t1_j1l2of8 wrote

Anyone here see The Late Phillip J. Fry episode from Furutama? If Matt Groening accurately predicted all of existence in a cartoon... Well I wouldn't be that shocked.


twoshovels t1_j1l35qw wrote

30 years ago no one even remotely thought about this type of thing no one had anxiety over it because no one thought about this. Every once in a while you might have thou, “gee I wonder what would happen if a meteor hit earth?” Then as quickly as you thought about it you’d forget about it . You would just go in living your life. I’m convinced with the advancement of technology,internet, and all the tv shows & information about space is the cause. Sometimes what you don’t know won’t hurt you.


Xaxxon t1_j1l3ntm wrote

Don't worry about it. Chances are we're just a simulation - you didn't exist a moment ago, your memories are fabricated, and it will be shut off randomly in the future.


PamelaELee t1_j1lci1u wrote

This new universe is about 10 feet lower than our old one.


FluffyTid t1_j1ldqaa wrote

I had similar anxiety problems for this reason, nowdays this is probably gonna hit you as silly proposal, but I cope with most of it becoming somewhat religious. I just choose a version (or many) of the universe where that is not happening and people do actually have free will.


TriGurl t1_j1leysb wrote

So this means I will see my mom and dad again alive but won’t have the memories I have of them now being dead, so I won’t truly appreciate them when I see them again? Ugh


LemonLimeSlices t1_j1lfpqh wrote

Given infinite time and infinite universes, all possibilities will occur. If in fact your "soul" is plucked out of oblivion repeatedly, and forced to live out lives you never asked for, you may end up living every iteration of every life.

If that is true though, its true for all of us.


NoCopyrightRadio t1_j1lhwz0 wrote

Even if it does happen, the new "you" won't be actually you from now. You will not share consciousness, it is just a copy of you, maybe with exactly same experiences, but still not you from now. That consciousness is unique to every human and can't be copied.


Weazy-N420 t1_j1liy1q wrote

Wouldn’t be consecutive. If the Universe contracts and bangs again, the random assembly of atoms wouldn’t be identical, the following time, or the one after and so on. But in an infinite number times, it’s bound to happen again. As in the molecular make up may look identical to the one we have now, but I doubt the individual consciousness’ or experiences they have would be. Take your current trajectory. A simple choice a few years ago would/could have you somewhere completely different than you are now. To say it would assemble and play out identical to the one we have now feels more like magic than physics.


crazyhadron t1_j1lk32a wrote

Probably not, since the current structure of the universe was caused by non-deterministic quantum fluctuations during the big bang, and will never repeat again.


GraGal t1_j1lka22 wrote

It is absolutely not necessary that in the next universe physical constants will have the same values, not to mention such subtle structures as the fate of people.


MrMark77 t1_j1lkzdf wrote

Of course it's hard define what is 'you', and gets harder if we're talking about a theoretical case where the excact same atoms happen in the same configuration in a new universe 'cycle' etc, but the reality is this:

Even if it was 'you' (whatever 'you' means), reliving your life mulitple/infinite times, what difference does it make?

You're imagining it from the perspective of someone having to relive their life, but has memories of their older life (or lives)...this could be you 57,367th repeated life, and you wouldn't know it from your 1st or millionth, if it happened like that.


Hurgnation t1_j1llaf5 wrote

Honestly, who knows? But I like to live my life as if, when I die, I'm born back into that same life again and just replay it over and over... Bit like Groundhog Day for life.

Make the most of it, just in case this is all there is.


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DaniB3 t1_j1llmrg wrote

This is kind of fun to think about if your a simulation theorist


lets_bang_blue t1_j1kmm3d wrote

I mean, we have no clue what happens. Anxiety, please continue.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1kn5tt wrote

man, please don't say that


lets_bang_blue t1_j1ko5lq wrote

It's the truth. I started thinking about this shit a few days ago and it's all fun and games until the anxiety kicks in. Gota get it outa your mind and go e joy your life as best you can. All we can do right?

Chances are, questions like this will never be answered in our lifetime just due to the shear amount of stuff out there and frankly to even be confident, we would probably want to watch the universe evolve for a few thousand years to study our theories and see if they hold true. Measure once now, measure again in a thousand years kinda stuff. So like I said, you gota just live


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1kovbf wrote

yes, thanks, but how do one get out of theses anxiety? I know talking about these things were fun and after talking you'll be out on your normal life, but now it feels like i'm stuck.


Egnekey t1_j1kqd4j wrote

Read philosophy and learn math. Mathematical concepts like pi where something can be infinite and never repeat help me to cope.

There have been countless individuals wondering the same questions some of whom spent their entire lives devoted to trying to figure this type of stuff out.


EmbarrassedFriend693 OP t1_j1kqlld wrote

i don't want to devote my life or figure it out, what i want is anxiety to go away


LaMadreDelCantante t1_j1kslbc wrote

Do you have a therapist? You should get one if you can.

In the meantime, take a deep breath. Remember how you felt before you started worrying about this. Tell yourself nothing has changed. And if you don't know and will never know it really doesn't matter. Live in this moment. This moment is all that exists. Go for a walk. Think about people and things you love. Talk to someone calming. It's gonna be okay.


Egnekey t1_j1kr8k2 wrote

Get a hold of yourself man.

Not a single person alive knows for sure what happens when we die. Don't get stuck up on what is essentially just a creationist theory.

The big bang theory is a theory for a reason. It's the best we've got but probably no where close to the truth.