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cyclefreaksix t1_j216gfm wrote

Our universe isn't expanding into space. Space is expanding.


RgrSteveO t1_j217yw7 wrote

Into what?


MetricVeil t1_j21am9a wrote

>Into what?

Prior to the universe existing, there was no 'what'. Just void, null, absolute absence.

The emergence of the universe created its own 'what' and exists within itself without reference to a boundry.


RgrSteveO t1_j23ohhd wrote

Your theory is that the universe is self contained? I would challenge you to explore that thought deeper, starting with: into what.


MetricVeil t1_j23qib0 wrote

>Your theory is that the universe is self contained?

No. The universe is unbounded.


tdaddybxl t1_j217tyy wrote

There is no gap between atoms and matter. That doesn’t even make sense. This isn’t a theory and you’re not suggesting anything testable. You’re boiling the ocean and almost entirely misstating what we already have strong evidence for or repeating bits of what we know.

An interconnected web of life with common descent is the overwhelming consensus among scientists already.


Beasta1029 t1_j218r1u wrote

That's a pretty interesting theory you have there. I would bet that at least half, if not more is true! We can't really prove anything right now. If there was anything before the beginning it was definitely a void or vacuum foam which we have no fathom of understanding or proving. One thing is for sure that infinity will eventually bring something into existence. There can never be simply nothing.


TimAA2017 t1_j217smp wrote

Didn’t get to read this before it was removed what did it say?


Campbell__Hayden t1_j218rn2 wrote

You didn't miss much. All that it did was make comparative analogies and associations by utilizing what is currently known throughout the sciences. The circle of life as described in "The Lion King" would probably be more informational.


tdaddybxl t1_j219xik wrote

Somebody celebrating new year’s early