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HerbaciousTea t1_iyy7aks wrote

When the US Air Force examined the concept in 2003, they concluded that conventional bombs and missiles of a similar weight were more effective, cost efficient, and practical solutions in basically all circumstances.


OozeNAahz t1_iyy9zey wrote

And every one of them has a different use case. A bomber has to fly over a target and that can be really obvious. A satellite can hang out and short of shooting it down countries can’t do much about it. There are things rods from god can do that the others can’t do exactly the same way. Doesn’t mean they are better or worse. Every tool has its task.


jerricco t1_iyyi1am wrote

True as this may be, the USAF is generally pretty forward thinking. The fact its not been outright stated as a dumb idea and had to be compared in feasibility to missiles is telling. More telling is that the single biggest barrier is getting materials up into space.

Thats a problem we could at some point very likely solve and the Air Force knows it. The first to these gates secures their domination of the planet for the next century or so. The rods are still in god's back pocket.