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Soupjoe5 OP t1_j292tep wrote


SEOUL, Dec 30 (Reuters) - South Korea conducted a successful test flight of a solid-propellant space launch vehicle, the country's defence ministry said on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, South Korean media reported multiple citings of an unidentified flying object over the country's airspace.

In June, South Korea's second test launch of its domestically produced, liquid-engine Nuri rocket successfully placed several satellites in orbit, taking a major step in progressing its space programme.


blackenswans t1_j29sq0e wrote

Solid fuel? Military? Isn’t this just a ballistic missile pointed to the sky?


NumpyNimpy t1_j2ag9tw wrote

You be surprised how much ballistic missiles have in common with rockets..


_-Event-Horizon-_ t1_j2dt2gk wrote

In this day and age, the only reason to develop solid rockets for civilian purposes is if you want to have the technology ready to build ballistic missiles if needed. Liquid fuel rockets are just so much better.


ramjithunder24 t1_j2dwoon wrote

NK: literally hates fish and throws missiles into the ocean

SK: seemingly hates the sky and throws stuff into orbit