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NikStalwart t1_j1y9nft wrote

> What kind of society would a space-mining industry produce? Would the space-miners keep Earth values and structures? Would they need a government at all? What functions would a government serve?

Slow down Gonzales! What are "Earth Values"? We don't have a single set of values on Earth - some people can't yet decide that beating women and noncing kids is a bad idea. And you want some space miners to adopt some "Earth Values"?

I was tempted to treat this question seriously and write about the legal and social structures that might develop but then I realized that this question seems more like someone phishing for homework or fanfic ideas rather than a genuine question. So my question to you, OP, is: what do you think society will become? Et cetera.

I will say just one thing though: whatever else happens, unless we discover instantaneous communication, the communication delay between colonies will play a major role in the new society. At the very least, expect a resurgence in the telegraph.


Delta_Hammer OP t1_j1yw2xo wrote

Actually it grew out of another question about orbital mining infrastructure. It got me thinking, most fiction portrays orbital minors operating in isolation like people panning for gold in the old west. But since successful mining in the old west usually attracted more miners, the establishment of boomtowns, and the eventual establishment of some kind of government to provide law and order and safe commerce, it got me wondering how that would play out in space.