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kiestaking t1_j26izvc wrote

Results of the scan's aren't published or peer reviewed yet, the article only states there likely isn't hydrogen present in the atmosphere of TRAPPIST-1g and possibly the same for 1b and 1c


bookers555 t1_j26xtvi wrote

Would be funny if we spent all this time researching that system only for no planet in it to hold an atmosphere.


gg_account t1_j27a08w wrote

Sad. It would mean likely no atmospheres on Earth sized worlds around any red dwarfs, which are the most common kind of star.


AmAProudIdiot t1_j2f5dbt wrote

Eh. There are red-dwarves that aren't active, like Teegarden and that one star that barely has a magnetic field.


DrunkenOnzo t1_j25qwu1 wrote was originally founded by Lou Dobbs. Doesn't mean anything here just a very strange fact.