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cratermoon t1_j2a7bqj wrote

That's sort of misleading, as China's first crewed flight was 2003, 20 years ago. The article references the 1992 adoption of a strategy. That'd be like saying the US crewed spaceflight program started July 29, 1958, at the founding of NASA, or even March 3, 1915, if you consider the founding of NACA.


CaptMackenzieCalhoun OP t1_j2ae9lf wrote

It’s not misleading . The man program started with approval in 1992. It took 10 year development to get a person in space. China celebrate it’s anniversary at the start of their programs.


Rao_Tzu t1_j2dla0o wrote

Perhaps we should start with the first Chinese use of solid propellant rockets against their Mongol invaders, in 1232 AD.


leojg t1_j2durqh wrote

The real question is... did that mongol got to orbit with a rocket stuck in the chest? Was the first human in orbit that dude?