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Yippeethemagician t1_j2brv7a wrote

Yes it is. Because alot of people incorrectly believe that there is something magical about nuclear power. It just boils water. That waste stays for a long time, in the thousands of years. They aren't able to deal with it now, and I don't see anyone being able to deal with it later. Hangout at a nuke plant sometime. Be amazed and horrified with how much the Simpsons got right.


how_tall_is_imhotep t1_j2bu1di wrote

I’m not at all surprised that you get all of your knowledge of nuclear power from the Simpsons. That explains why you think that nuclear plants boiling water is some kind of secret that no one knows about (on the Simpsons, the cooling towers emit some kind of noxious smoke).

But no, real nuke plants are not like that. Please don’t talk as if you’ve been to one.


Yippeethemagician t1_j2bua8m wrote

It's not a well known secret, but enough people are surprised to find this out. And yeah, it's just not something that can be "greenwashed"