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hugo-s t1_j1sg4yx wrote

The US actually uses metric. All of the imperial units are defined off of metric.


dultas t1_j1smoby wrote

Not imperial, US customary units, that's why thing like pint, oz, and tablespoon differ in the US vs UK.


EdwardOfGreene t1_j1sz44e wrote

How much is a pint in the UK?

Do I get more or less beer in a pint? I need to know!


whiskysinger t1_j1tatp4 wrote

A UK pint is 568ml A US pint is 473ml

The UK conversion rate of casual language to real pints is not as well understood, despite years of research.

"A swift half" = at least 2 pints "A couple of pints" = at least 6 pints + 1 kebab


Mmmblop69420 t1_j1tzj7j wrote

Are you for real because I'm in stiches. I had no idea donairs were a unit of the Imperial Magestry. There's kinda something beautiful about the casual approach to measurement that we've abandoned.


dultas t1_j1t0q3a wrote

Imperial pint is about 20% more than a US pint I believe.


EdwardOfGreene t1_j1t1knz wrote

Fuck! Now I have to move. I was happy here, but knowing this I will never again be content with 16 oz pints.

Looking into where I can find half assed affordable housing. Maybe Wales.


Mmmblop69420 t1_j1tz64g wrote

Damn, that's a tight TIL. Do you have a source for that? Definitely believe you but also curious and have no idea what to google.