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TardisReality t1_j1k3c68 wrote

Isn't Space Force just a branch of the Air Force anyway?


Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1k3r92 wrote

No. Both the Air Force and Space Force coequal military branches under the larger civilian-led Department of the Air Force.


TardisReality t1_j1k46zt wrote

Seems redundant and just bloats an already useless military budget. Like air force...would already deal with the space above


Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1k4c0v wrote

Much like the Army already dealt with air before 1947. Yet we have an Air Force today.


notataco007 t1_j1kibeg wrote

You in 1947: "air force? How redundant. Just keep it the US Army Air Corps"


Tommyblockhead20 t1_j1kif1j wrote

Question: do you have a smartphone? If so, have you ever used a feature that uses location, like maps, local weather, or photo locations? Guess what organization is in charge of that location data getting to your phone?

It’s not NASA. It’s the one you just called useless. The space force specifically. That’s just one example of the things the military does that benefits you. We can certainly debate exactly how much the military and NASA should be getting, but it’s just wrong to say the military budget I completely useless.


Kamakaziturtle t1_j1mxcm6 wrote

Other way around. Having all military branches in a single organization would be a nightmare and inefficient to properly manage. Splitting groups off when they get big enough aids in organization and makes sense both from a management and financial level