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Joelmale t1_j1kydmu wrote

You could except we don’t fight in space and have signed a treaty saying we won’t weaponize it. Space is a domain just as air is but air is a warfighting domain, I think we should be exploring/discovering space not conquering it. When we look at ways the US could spend on space I just don’t think the DoD is the best way to do it. ‘Merica and all that


Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1kygwm wrote

>have signed a treaty saying we won’t weaponize it.

No such treaty has been signed by any major spacefaring country.


Joelmale t1_j1kyto9 wrote

You are right it was an agreement to not place WMDs in space so an over simplification, and even at that not really binding. Countries will do what countries will do. Still doesn’t change my take… stupid way to spend money :D


Kamakaziturtle t1_j1mxjvh wrote

This paragraph makes me think you don’t actually know what the space force does