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Specific_Main3824 t1_j1xfpdk wrote

Failure doesn't equal failure, failure is opportunity to improve.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1xz7lo wrote

We all remember the first spacex booster landings


Plantsandanger t1_j1y0syf wrote

And the only people who don’t remember NASA’s failures were unfortunate participants in them


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1y5qj4 wrote

There are plenary YouTube videos with failed NASA launches from 50 and 60s - many were live on tv

Russia on the other hand kept everything secret until after it was launched and a success - and failures were deleted from history


froggythefish t1_j1y8dj3 wrote

If the failures were deleted from history, how are you sure they exist? Is there a list I can read, I’m curious.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1y95wy wrote

Statistics - math is a great predictor

No new tech is developed with zero fails and 100% success :)

Great try - but believe in science


froggythefish t1_j1y9ib6 wrote

Of course there were failures, some of which were hidden from the public, the same way every other country hides their technology development from other countries. But I’m asking for a list, because you are saying the USSR hid technological development more than any other country, and I don’t know of many examples.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1ybomy wrote

USSR and Russia has been famous for re-writing history. No open society does that and it is to Chinas credit that they stopped that practice as well - hurray for the new openness


froggythefish t1_j1ycmhi wrote

How has the USSR re-written history? You’re providing no examples


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1ye80u wrote

Really? That is your question - that have been well documented.


Top google search:

So many more places, but given that only a Russian troll would ask this question, I would leave it to you to find yourself.


froggythefish t1_j1yemsr wrote

Your example of rewriting history is cosmetic photoshop? Editing people out of pictures has been around for almost as long as pictures themselves.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1yez7k wrote

Can you show me examples of that happen in other countries, like the US or UK, France or Germany ?

I don't think so, because it it is a classical symptom of failures in the USSR leadership and them wanting to suppress history - which directly translates to any other program, including the Russian space program.


froggythefish t1_j1yf995 wrote


Inverted_Harlet t1_j1yfxhq wrote

Come on :-)

New York Post ?

And on "Diversity"?

Show something real


froggythefish t1_j1yg5g3 wrote

even petapixel reported on it. and petapixel is a image news site, they have nothing to do with politics. This is more real than your theories about secret soviet space failures or whatever.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1yhsgn wrote

Not exactly the same league of lies ... :-)

Give us something more substantial - like proof of the election was stolen or something like that :-)


froggythefish t1_j1yi48u wrote

How is it not the same league of lies?

As for fraud elections, why look at the US, and instead look at countries whom the US tried to overthrow the elections of. A perfect example is Chile and South Korea. Attempted examples include Cuba and Vietnam. Of course I could name, perhaps dozens of countries the US tried to influence the election results of. But you don’t really care.


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1yihcm wrote

I understand this is your job to write these things - but if you cannot see the difference between what a marketing department do and what politicians do you are lost, and have no credibility.

I will undoubtedly talk to you on another thread somewhere else.


Psychomadeye t1_j26gd1f wrote

>Of course there were failures, some of which were hidden from the public, the same way every other country hides their technology development from other countries.

No comrade. The Soviet technology does not fail. Are you a western spy trying to create dissent?


waamoandy t1_j1yjjzd wrote

Russia was the first country to lose someone in a space vehicle. Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov died when the parachute system failed. That was April 24, 1967. Russia also lost 3 cosmonauts in space. The crew of Soyuz 11 died in 1971.


froggythefish t1_j1yjuxc wrote

These were not “deleted from history”, it’s easily accessible, albeit unfortunate information.


TheGreatestOutdoorz t1_j226l5n wrote

It was “erased” by the Soviet Union and only acknowledged after the Soviet Union fell. The better words would be suppressed or hidden, but I think we all know what he meant.


nycsingletrack t1_j224dio wrote

There was also a launchpad explosion that killed a large number of ground crew and observers.

Google “Nedelin catastrophe”

Also “Plesetsk launch pad disaster”


Titan-Lim t1_j1y9plw wrote

We know they exist because no space agency can pull off great achievements (human spaceflight, space stations, etc) without incidents along the way.

High-profile incidents such as Soyuz 1, Soyuz 11, and the N1 rocket attempts are some examples of Soviet rocket incidents during the space race

Like you said, since official documents have not been released/leaked we can only guess and speculate about what happened with the rest of the launches during that period of time


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Soulwindow t1_j1ycizh wrote

That's not remotely true. The USSR was very open in regards to their space program and frequently shared information with the US


MaybeTheDoctor t1_j1yebml wrote

Russia only announced the launches AFTER they were launched, and never announced any that failed. It is a simple history fact.


BackwardGoose t1_j1yg9so wrote

USSR open? They never were, and Russia is not open either ...


Plantsandanger t1_j200exw wrote

I seem to recall a ver publicly displayed charred corpse that allegedly cursed out his bosses on the way down for their cowardly failure to stop a bound-to-fail rocket


FappinPlatypus t1_j1zwjcw wrote

Exactly. To quote Thomas Jefferson “I haven’t failed, I found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”