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IsraelZulu t1_j1jzn81 wrote

>For the first time NASA's budget is smaller than the $26.3 billion dollar budget for the Space Force.

I mean, considering how young the Space Force is, isn't this a bit of a weak comparison point?


Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1k3w8m wrote

It is a good metric, considering the Space Force was previously Air Force Space Command for decades.


SpaceInMyBrain t1_j1k9nqv wrote

We all have to consider that the personnel costs that used to be the Air Force's are now just transferred to Space Force. So it's all just Department of Defense costs, which are huge. That's costs for salary, uniforms, equipment, healthcare, and other benefits. We have to figure out how many personnel and functions have been transferred to Space Force - afaik it's more than just what used to be in Space Command. (Of course, we can't figure all that out.) I have no idea what research programs are now under Space Force but that could easily be a factor. I think things like that definitely have been increased since the creation of Space Force but can't quote anything. Spending on satellite systems has been going up for years and the rate is increasing.


benlachman t1_j1l1oti wrote

We all have to consider that the US of America loves its military much more than any civilian science and technology agency. The space force needs to work on space lasers, new Babylon 5 uniform designs, and more rockets that look even more like phalluses. That costs real dollars, folks. Meanwhile NASA is just studying climate change, high efficiency flight, and the origins of the solar system. It was a hard decision… we really sweated bullets over which we should spend more money on. But in the end we went with the space force. I mean, come on, more rockets that look like dicks? Sign our tax payers up!