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right-arrow t1_j1k387p wrote

Maybe Russia needs to invade space, then Nasa can get trillions


TheDollaLama t1_j1k8bt4 wrote

This is kind of the premise of For All Mankind on AppleTV. Great show if you'd like a retelling of the space race.


SpaceCaboose t1_j1kl4jl wrote

I’m going to resubscribe to Apple TV+ when the new season of Ted Lasso releases and I have For All Mankind on my list to check out then. Sounds like something I’d really like.


lyacdi t1_j1knjbz wrote

it gets extremely cheesy but still entertaining if you can enjoy or at least look past that


bookers555 t1_j1lroia wrote

China is doing just that. If they werent the SLS would still be doing asinine tests.