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Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1ndweb wrote

Like Air Force


Taron221 t1_j1ob30t wrote

Space lends itself more to navel lingo and is very diverse in its operation. We don’t have an Ocean Force we have Naval Fleets within the Navy.


Corbulo2526 OP t1_j1ob6an wrote

In science fiction. Not in reality, where Space evolved from air forces across the world, not navies.


Taron221 t1_j1ocipo wrote

“Force” isn’t even descriptive of it is, what it does, or most of what it’ll do. It seems pretty clear to me it was just a thrown out name by someone who didn’t give it much thought. Which is why it’s disappointing to know the significance of the branch was not being properly acknowledged when they spun it off the Air Force. The Space division will inevitably grow into a much bigger and extremely diverse department of the military—much more so than the Air Force given some time.