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ninehundreddolarydos t1_j2ekexw wrote

I'm guessing over-estimates on the lunar nuclear solution, best case estimates for solar panel mass, and sidestepping the problem of volume for that many solar panels. Oh and don't forget to pack 10km (!) of transmission line.


gerkletoss t1_j2eq9nd wrote

My napkin says it's probably more like 400 km of transmission line.


AnotherQuark t1_j2fbs3n wrote

Reasonable idea once the moon is saturated with enough humans though.


Aaron_Hamm t1_j2fp9tb wrote

I mean, if you're running out of nuclear fuel, sure


mienaikoe t1_j2fewd3 wrote

At that point Solar thermal might be even cheaper. No pesky atmosphere to get in the way


binzoma t1_j2fsy3l wrote

I wonder if the assumption is a lot of the materials for solar panels could be harvested from the moon fairly easily?


Lordnerble t1_j2fuooo wrote

You would not get anything from the moon material wise easily. Without having infrastructure in place to do it. So no.