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ThatGuyGetsIt t1_j52ukcx wrote

I think that you're inferring that a person willing to drop 500k on a space trip is so wealthy that they would just own their home outright.

I may have misinterpreted, though. But if that's what you meant, then a glimpse at OPs post history suggests that they don't have a mortgage because they're a kid.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j52utww wrote

Then either they are full of shit or a rich kid. I don’t know. I never look through peoples profiles.


ThatGuyGetsIt t1_j52vo5c wrote

I guess trust fund baby is a real possibility judging by their inability to help themselves and just screaming for others to help them 🤷‍♂️


Bryllant t1_j52wc6m wrote

So we caught ourselves a young dreamer.