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robertojh_200 t1_j6n8gbb wrote

SpaceX implements suicide burn routines into all of their satellites so they can deorbit themselves if/when they go defunct.

This problem is highly sensationalized. Numerous companies are trying to solve the problem.


FSYigg t1_j6nr622 wrote

Space X isn't the only entity that's been delivering payloads to orbit for the last 60 years or so, is it?

This problem isn't over-sensationalized, if anything it's been ignored.

Most of the stuff that was put up there remains up there even though it died years ago. That's the nature of putting things in orbit - They tend to stay there.


robertojh_200 t1_j6nrc9u wrote

Which is why there are now regulations that all sats in orbit must have deorbit or maneuvering capability and several companies are investing in cleanup procedures for objects that can’t be deorbited


FSYigg t1_j6ns8vu wrote

New regulations don't get rid of old equipment that's been stuck in orbit and is drifting around causing problems.

There are no solutions to this problem right now, and it's a big problem.