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Kellymcdonald78 t1_j6aiipl wrote

You said SLS is rad hardened not Artemis (Artemis isn’t even a vehicle, it’s a programme). Orion is “rad hardened” but except for the second stage, SLS doesn’t even leave LEO.

I’ve read the SpaceX submission. They’ve made a few changes to help reduce crew impact in the event of a CME, but the electronics are not rad hardened (radiation hardened CPUs and memory don’t have the performance SpaceX needs)

You also said that Commercial Crew gets an “exemption” because of they’re “short LEO missions”. Hint: they aren’t short


Correct_Inspection25 t1_j6ap550 wrote

Apologies, I was using short in reference to the maximum amount of time SpaceX allows unused Dragons to be docked in LEO to the iSS for 119 days before risk of radiation wear on systems violates crew safety risk parameters in powered down safety mode. Looks like one dragon’s ( maybe Endeavor?) panels maintained their solar production up until 210 days before failing threshold. Active use for dragon is 10 rated for 10 days in LEO.