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mickpchuk t1_j54mohk wrote

Ufo activity is consistently recorded in the highest levels over nuclear power plants and weapons facilities and active war zones. Clearly we are being monitored by something or someone, and the government is super shady about the subject.


KomithEr t1_j54ojyr wrote

that's just being monitored by each other most likely, and lying about the spy devices they use to do so, thus they remain ufo's


mickpchuk t1_j54oyif wrote

I think it could be a mix of both. Either way moral of the story is the government is a fat pack of liars.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54rtjl wrote

The real question is why would they allow themselves to be seen? Any information they would get from observing us would presumably be less valuable, or at least potentially less valuable, when we know that we're being observed.