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SouthofAkron t1_j54jei1 wrote

But how to explain the anal probes? What's up with that?


CanIgetaWTF t1_j54ld1p wrote

Clearly, there is a connection between advanced evolution/technology and anal probing that we are just too primitive to understand yet.


mustafar0111 t1_j54mz94 wrote

Maybe that is the standard universal friendship greeting of intelligent life in the universe.


joescott2176 t1_j54jj8y wrote

If we found a planet full of stone-age whatever. We would kill them and take their planet/resources. I'm not even trying to be edgy thats just our track record. New, fertile, unspoiled land and the people have no concept of money or ownership? I believe that's refered to as free real estate.


Triassic_Bark t1_j54kcda wrote

You’re just describing Avatar. And all of human existence.


joescott2176 t1_j54kl14 wrote

Avatar is just a remake of Ferngully, Dances with Wolves and anyother film or story based on the " "plight of the aboriginals" trope. But is exaclty what capitalist greed has done all over the world for hundreds of years. From Columbus to the East India company to the Westward expansion to French interests in Vietnam to the USA's wars in the middle east.


Argonated t1_j54okq2 wrote

The human mentality of kill n' conquer never gets old, does it?


SavageRat t1_j54lle8 wrote

It depends on if the planet has left or right based dna and/or sugars.

A planet could seem perfectly habitable on the surface, with regards to temp, oxygen levels etc, but be completely useless to an invading species due to incompatible flora and fauna.


joescott2176 t1_j54m691 wrote

I'm not talking about colonizination. Gold, platinum, lithium, cobalt and any other precious metals don't have DNA.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54rf7m wrote

And those are more easily obtainable from asteroids, where planetary geology hasn't dispersed them, and you don't have to contend with a massive gravity well.

There isn't anything that you can get from a planet with life that you can't get elsewhere without expending the resources to go there in the first place. Except for life itself. It's actually far more likely that other species would be infinitely more valuable as a source of study than for any material resources.


SavageRat t1_j54pswy wrote

Easier for a space faring species to get those from asteroids and comets than from a planet.


joescott2176 t1_j54pznj wrote

True, but I doubt that would stop any one person or corporation that had enough money.


totoropoko t1_j54orqs wrote

At a minimum some crackhead would try to convert us into their cult. That always happens.

But seriously, it's futile to compare human tendencies and behaviors with an alien civilization. We have evolved over millions of years and a number of our traits are based on that history. An alien civilization would probably follow different game rules based on how they evolved.


joescott2176 t1_j54p241 wrote

I wasn't comparing I was just saying that if humanity found a world with a primitive society we would take it. No comparing of ideologies involved.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54qu62 wrote

I think you're failing to see the changes made in how nations behave toward one another. The trend has been away from colonization and exploitation of weaker nations and tribes, particularly since WW2. If we project that trend forward, by the time we're capable of interstellar travel, we'll likely have adopted a total non-interference mandate.

And it makes sense for a species capable of advanced technology to evolve in this direction. In order to develop technology, a species has to be pro-social and cooperative. Sharing the workload is essential, it would be impossible for any individual, or even a species that prefers isolated tribalism, to develop interstellar travel.


joescott2176 t1_j54rfyk wrote

I'm not talking about nations either. Nations wont be exploring the spaceways, the cooperations will. Call me naive or ignorant or whatever but I 100% believe that once humanity gets off Earth we will behave exactly like like every ither space film about invading aliens l(independence day, mars attacks, avatar. Whoever has the biggest canons will take what they want from who or what ever they find.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54xguh wrote

Well, people usually make the argument that corporations will become the governments of the future as a way of saying that we'll become more awful because people are awful and profit is awful, and we're just going to get more awful, lol.

But governments are just corporations that have a monopoly on violence, and so they're able to collect revenue without producing anything. So I don't know that corporations who chase profits are all that much worse than the corporations that don't.

But one thing that all cooperatives within social species share is a common goal, government, corporation, or otherwise. And what we've seen with humans, and what would be seen in any successful species, are more and more efficient ways of accomplishing their shared goals.

The most pragmatic ways to solve problems are always going to win out. And what we know is that cooperation is always the most pragmatic solution. Simply put, many hands make light work.

The actual reason we've seen so much violence and exploitation throughout history isn't because we're just naturally bastards, it's because we hadn't yet developed the technologies or knowledge needed to build an infrastructure that could utilize cooperation in a more efficient way than we could with violence and exploitation.

Violence and exploitation were simply a more effective way of accomplishing our goals. But as knowledge and technology advance, we become less violent and less exploitative. This isn't because we're becoming kinder and gentler, but because cooperation is becoming more effective as technology and knowledge increase.

It only stands to reason that any species that are capable of interstellar travel will have achieved it by having better utilized cooperation, and will therefore be far more likely to seek out cooperation with other species they come in contact with than violence. Because even more hands mean even lighter work.


THECONSPICUOUS0 t1_j54l83o wrote

maybe they saw avengers endgame and then



mickpchuk t1_j54mohk wrote

Ufo activity is consistently recorded in the highest levels over nuclear power plants and weapons facilities and active war zones. Clearly we are being monitored by something or someone, and the government is super shady about the subject.


KomithEr t1_j54ojyr wrote

that's just being monitored by each other most likely, and lying about the spy devices they use to do so, thus they remain ufo's


mickpchuk t1_j54oyif wrote

I think it could be a mix of both. Either way moral of the story is the government is a fat pack of liars.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54rtjl wrote

The real question is why would they allow themselves to be seen? Any information they would get from observing us would presumably be less valuable, or at least potentially less valuable, when we know that we're being observed.


electric_ionland t1_j54r0xk wrote

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Niven42 t1_j54mfl1 wrote

Common sense should be telling you - we're not being visited by extraterrestrials.


Pewpipoopoo t1_j54s3np wrote

Is common sense the best way to approach the uncommon? Generally speaking, novel problems require novel solutions that are developed with novel approaches.


Argonated t1_j54o3fl wrote

Wasn't the whole ‘being watched’ stuff disproven? At least from a local scale?


PoppersOfCorn t1_j54jkxs wrote

>However, we would want to study them to see how they evolve so we’d probably scope the planet for years and years

Have you met humans before? History says invasion and slavery are very likely

As for aliens being here and letting us seeign them, it seems unlikely