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Flaxinator t1_j5atlvd wrote

Normally maritime exclusion zones are put in place down range when a rocket launches so that if it fails the debris can fall safely into the sea.

I wonder how Djibouti will manage this given that there are very busy shipping lanes going through the Gulf of Aden, just off the coast of Djibouti. Even ignoring that the range of orbits it can launch to will be quite limited unless they plan to launch over Somali or Yemeni territory.


ttystikk t1_j59pbgz wrote

The US has a military base in the country, while China is building a spaceport.

That's an interesting snapshot of investment priorities.


CrimsonEnigma t1_j5a7xdq wrote

Based on the headline alone, China also has a military base in the country.


forsennata t1_j5i6hge wrote

Years ago I fantasized about Earth Space Station about the size of Montana floating up there. I had 5 space ports feeding shuttles up to the space station: Djibouti was one of the locations for the shuttles because of the kindness and sensitivity of the people... Now I can continue my story!


[deleted] t1_j5b1mhb wrote

China on top, USA on the bottom. Welcome to the new age.