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PandaEven3982 t1_j50jys9 wrote

You don't. You catch it, heat it with mirrors and lenses. Smelt out the metals. Radio tag for recovery, leave iit at L4.


[deleted] t1_j50trbq wrote

That sounds pretty impossible ngl


PandaEven3982 t1_j50veaf wrote

We had plans to do this in the 80s. This is ....hmm. how did you think we are going to mine the asteroid belt? You catch a rock, put it in an Earth crossing orbit, and refine it on the trip home. The energy is free, just lots of focused light. You set the asteroid in a slow tumble so it heats evenly. Return to Earth orbit with a few tons of refined metals and other goodies, probably already presold.


Azrael_The_Bold t1_j51o4es wrote

Now I just need to build a proper ship to intercept these craft and take the booty for myself. Space Piracy!!


p-d-ball t1_j529aub wrote

I am willing to fund your space piracy. For a share of the profits, naturally.


alphakiller35 t1_j52jj82 wrote

Alright, guess we’re starting a space pirate crew boys! 🏴‍☠️👽🏴‍☠️🛸🏴‍☠️

Whos up for plundering one of the silly little gray guys ships?


Azrael_The_Bold t1_j533ris wrote

Now that’s what I’m talking about! I hear the gray guys have some pretty neat tech 😎


Azrael_The_Bold t1_j533nlr wrote

But of course! We’d naturally need a proper investor! We’ll even let you have one of our flags.


PandaEven3982 t1_j51plla wrote

SMH. If that's your first thought, let's play find the incel.


Azrael_The_Bold t1_j51r85e wrote

Lmfao I don’t know how that even remotely would signal me as an incel, I thought your comment was cool and as a sci fi nerd I thought it was a fun idea. No need to be rude!


Who_DaFuc_Asked t1_j51s1g0 wrote

Dude's been here for almost a year and has less than 1000 karma, yet they comment regularly.

This is a dead giveaway that they're a troll who gets off on instigating arguments. Your statement has literally nothing to do with incels, they're making up reasons to get upset in their head.


PandaEven3982 t1_j520l4r wrote

I've been on Reddit a lot less than a year lol. I've no idea what reddit uses for karma, or why someone gave me an award, etc. I'm here for interesting discussion. So far, lol, it gets amusing but ottoh, why the fuck would I waste reaction mass boosting someone upwell when I'm just going to have to shoot the wank for piracy someday? :-)


Azrael_The_Bold t1_j533z03 wrote

What have a whole crew now, what makes you think you’d be able to take us all on?


PandaEven3982 t1_j534t33 wrote

On Reddit? Absolutely nada. IRL? If you guys wanna be pirates I'm sure I'll have more help than necessary.. But then again, y'all give the appearance of think piracy is like a Sid Meier game. Shrugs. Yep, I'd space that flavor human fast.


PandaEven3982 t1_j51zfjv wrote

I was being straight up. Not being cool. Just noting that your big thought was piracy. Shrugs. Label it what you will. I think of it as our worst species issue, toxic aggression . Just reacting to words used.


alaskafish t1_j51bpnk wrote

Why not just… deorbit it? They’re not particularly resistant to atmospheric heating


PandaEven3982 t1_j51czyv wrote

That's one answer, especially if the final usage is downwell. If it's for orbital or luna construction, you never deorbit to Terra. You thinking parachute/water? I'd rather keep in orbit and start building a space elevator. :-) or a polar shield/mirror :-)


binormal t1_j51el6d wrote

This mission is just about de-orbiting debris, not trying to capture materials for reuse...


PandaEven3982 t1_j51h4vd wrote

It's about garbage collection. You seem to be keen to deorbit what they collect. Okay. How many metric tonnes of garbage are we collecting? Is there an estimate?


binormal t1_j51ntwn wrote

What? From the article:

>This mission will see the ClearSpace use a spacecraft with four articulated arms to de-orbit part of a Vega rocket from low Earth orbit (LEO).

Assuming they're deorbiting the third stage, which has a dry mass of 1315 kg, they would be collecting about 1.315 metric tonnes of garbage.


PandaEven3982 t1_j51p9h4 wrote

Better hope that parachute works. Might make a good splash at terminal velocity. Keep it in orbit. Smelt when we build the infrastructure.


zeeblecroid t1_j55o8kc wrote

With what delta-V?


PandaEven3982 t1_j55pk5r wrote

Don't need a lot to keep it orbital. Keep it in the same orbit, junk should eventually show up in a crossing orbit. If you loft it correctly, just gonna need little gas jets (maybe peroxide). Eventually the the thing fills and the last fuel is used to park it at a Lagrange point send a refueler with more peroxide.

edit: Or hell, park the whole unit.