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makashiII_93 t1_j2y2lne wrote

NASA is so damn good my first reaction was:

“They can do that. They sent NH to Pluto and Cassini to Saturn.”


FragrantExcrement t1_j2ycnel wrote

If they can send New Hampshire to Pluto, is there anything they can’t do?


doc_nano t1_j2yd1db wrote

You ninny, they obviously meant Nine Hamsters.


Good_Management7353 t1_j30o31q wrote

If vents exist on the seafloor of Enceladus, and all the methane is from life in vents, and then that life survives the long journey to the surface through the ocean and ice, and then survives massive depressurization when it hits vacuum, and then doesn’t get murdered during the still high velocity flyby, then it only takes 100 such flybys, which is huge number.

Some papers are worth writing because it’s good to crunch some back of the envelope numbers, but we don’t always have to take them seriously…


kylepatel24 t1_j34ynpf wrote

When they mean ‘life’ they mean single cell life, and it is actually known that bacterium can survive in the vacuum of space.


oalfonso t1_j2yzbhk wrote

We need this, a mission to Europa and a Cassini style mission for both Ice Giants.


Daroph t1_j318dkb wrote

Ooooooooor one unmanned kinetically injected submersible c:


Fuzakenaideyo t1_j3fiist wrote

Nasa has the Tunnelbot concept, if they built it, it could be powered with Kilopower & with such a high profile use case the demand & applications for Kilopower could surge


TotalWaffle t1_j2z5p24 wrote

That's a good plan, if we melt through the ice and lower a camera into the water, it'll just get eaten.