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Novabella t1_j6hb5tq wrote

Really bummed I'm not gonna get to see it. It's full cloudy all week. Tonight was the least cloudy it's been in a month, and I still can't see most of the stars.


SpectralMagic t1_j6iy5fu wrote

Same it's been cloudy for a whole damned month 🥲


Novabella t1_j6j09gg wrote

I only just got my first telescope for Christmas, and was really hoping to see something especially cool.


Fair_Still6667 t1_j6giecw wrote

Wow nice. I'm in the city in Japan. The big effin city. Not gonna see it I guess. Nice to see it here. Ty


MrJackDog OP t1_j6efhi3 wrote

The recently appeared comet, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) reaches its closest point to Earth on February 1 and has become an evening object in the northern sky. It is not quite visible to the naked eye, but can easily be spotted with binoculars and long-exposure photography.

Photographed on January 24, when the comet c/2022 e3 ZTF had sprouted a large “antitail.”

This is a composite image over separate sky and land exposures: sky - 5x90s exposures, land: 300s - exposure.

Camera/lens: Sony A7iii + Askar FMA180

For more comet photos (and astrophotography in general), check out my Instagram.


Obvious_Mode_5382 t1_j6ga43i wrote

What’s the best way, and day, to view in Southern Louisiana?


Augustinus_ t1_j6kmg7z wrote

What did you use to capture this. I only saw a small dod just like the northstar


Shard_10 t1_j6lqgik wrote

I saw it in my backyard tonight it was magnificent!


InvadingBacon t1_j6i6qrp wrote

I'm in VA too but it's been cloudy and raining last week and looks like Into the weekend. Probably gonna miss this opportunity to see it


NoEggsOrBeansPlz t1_j6jhlqq wrote

I hope they cure Cloud from his poisoning in time.