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QuttiDeBachi t1_j4bgniq wrote

Dark Matter = God = Higher Power = All around us

This is what I told my kids when they were old enough to grasp the concept of God. We’re Matter and so is the Earth and this dark matter stuff holds us together so we don’t fly apart as a million billion molecules, hence Godlike power to keep watch over us.

But Dad?

No buts, if you want a better story or theory then go read the Bible or Quran or Dead Sea Scrolls or Hindu scripture or Bhuddist theology or the various paganistic deities from the world….which can be found in entertaining form by checking out Deities & Demigods by TSR (DnD).

My family in large hates it but my kids love the perspective.

Praise be to Dark Matter. The glue of life. 😎🚀🌙