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A40 t1_j3nocav wrote

'Dead' is kind of harsh. We like to call it 'gone to make a crater on a nice farm in the country.'


PsychicDelilah t1_j3sbc3u wrote

That sounds nice. I bet its shrapnel will have plenty of space to roam


jimmydevice t1_j3omjcu wrote

Nice little show when it reenters. Saw the spacex burnup in PNW SE Wash, Very impressive.


EmotionalPotatoess t1_j3rd7xv wrote

I was lucky enough to witness that burn-up in NW WA! Coolest thing I’ve ever seen.


professorjaytee t1_j3qkw4r wrote

>Dead NASA satellite returns to Earth after 38 years

ZOMBIE Satellites Attack Earth!

Seriously, who writes these corny headlines at CNN?


Ruadhan2300 t1_j3qcivr wrote

it's not alone...

Star Traveller 2023 - Coming to a spooky cinema near you


husker789 t1_j3r2mes wrote

Clicked here thinking this was an r/nosleep with an image attached.


Diggitydave76 t1_j3rq63p wrote

Ahh yes, when people didn't think global warming was a political issue. What refreshing times.


UniversalDH t1_j3s0hy3 wrote

OK, I have a weird hill to die. This isn’t a complaint, but more a curiosity.

NASA claims all these satellites, telescopes, rovers are suppose to last 2 years and they end up lasting decades. How can agency so reliant on precision miss on life expectancy?

I get they’re missing on the right side of it and that’s 100% a positive, but still. If they said it should last 15 years and it last 17, I get it…but man they miss by a lot.


krysteline t1_j3s1emf wrote

Things like life expectancy are minimums. As long as it exceeds the minimum, it 100% meets the requirements.


UniversalDH t1_j3s3nep wrote

Yeah, I get that. This is such a minor “complaint” (not complaining) but it’s weird how much they miss by


mrdounut t1_j3s6anh wrote

It’s because they can claim “oh that sat will only be up for two years so we better get another one funded and up there quick!”

Nothing to do with how much they “miss” they just want money, which is how all American companies work. Spend it or lose it.


UniversalDH t1_j3sakur wrote

That actually makes a lot of sense. I get the under promise, over achieve aspect, but the funding part makes a lot of sense as well.


Lucas_7437 t1_j3nyptr wrote

It’s bizarre to me that an American satellite potentially falling onto inhabited areas gets treated like it’s a coworker’s funeral, but a Chinese satellite doing the same gets treated like it’s a deadly act of war or something. Really makes you think.


pmMeAllofIt t1_j3o2c7x wrote

It's not Chinese satellites that make the Doom reports, It's the first stage of their Long March rockets. They launch them up there without any means of a controlled de-orbit.

They're almost 50,000lbs, this old US satellite is only 5,400 lbs. Big difference.


GalaxyMiPelotas t1_j3q9p1k wrote

Confirmed. I was hit by a 5,400 pound satellite and I’m fine, but my friend got hit with a 50,000 space object and she was vaporized.


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Overcriticalengineer t1_j3o8gev wrote

It’s also a satellite from almost forty years ago, versus a rocket stage launched in the past year. It also provided data for twenty years, instead of the fifteen minutes of utility that the rocket stage provided.

Edit: To add about the utility of the satellite: “That data helped shape the Montreal Protocol Agreement, an international agreement signed in 1987 by dozens of countries, that resulted in a dramatic decrease around the globe in the use of ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) – chemicals once commonly used in aerosol sprays, refrigeration and air conditioners.”


saturnsnephew t1_j3oa5dr wrote

No it's not. America will do everything in their power to prevent debris from landing on inhabited areas. China and Russia literally poison they're people with every launch and China doesn't give a fuck where it's debris falls. The difference is the US tries to prevent this where the other knowingly does things that will cause harm.


Loadiiinq t1_j3p2ju6 wrote

u/Lucas_7437 before making your comment did you ever think about what type of object is re entering earth? How about if it was a planned re entry? “REalY maKeS YoU thInK”


Snookn42 t1_j3r564z wrote

Im pretty sure since we are on Reddit OC thought the general leftist anti american/western/capitalist sentiment in the site as a whole, his comment would have received much karma and praise


otter111a t1_j3qpkmg wrote

The Chinese rocket stages have massive engine bells that can survive reentry. This satellite may have a few objects that survive.


mcmalloy t1_j3qq0z2 wrote

Satellites usually burn up almost entirely in the atmosphere depending on size and materials used. This will likely never make it to the surface


zenith654 t1_j3qts4n wrote

Because satellites this is a satellite from decades ago and the US actually has pretty good planned reentries/design for end of life that doesn’t endanger people Vs China still literally drops massive rocket stages on Earth without planning.

Every US rocket has a flight termination system that self destructs if it goes off course to protect the people below, and they’re all launched over the ocean. China just drops the stages on villages as part of its design.


joethedad t1_j3rcoin wrote

No it doesn't...these are calculated and predictable events.


MasterKaein t1_j3ssjvb wrote

Because the Chinese will launch massive rockets the weight of a building up in space and leave them without any plans for their fall, whereas the US sends a satellite that weighs about the same as a truck and catches the thruster rocket in the ocean safely.

The satellite will most likely burn up on re-entry, leaving only tiny fragments if anything that touches the ground. The rocket will not, and will crash and leave a crater somewhere.

That's the difference.


DFuel t1_j3pyc2f wrote

Yes same goes for everything else and it's simply propaganda. America has the loudest media in the world.