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No_Maines_Land t1_j3jtt7e wrote

Disappointingly the doors failed to open when I went through, really cut into the magic having to take the little door on the side.

I was also hungover as sin, so that movie was not a good time.


Drusgar t1_j3o2ohf wrote

When I was there it was suspended with the doors open. Do they close them for some reason? It's kind of a display, I figured they're just always open.


No_Maines_Land t1_j3olwkd wrote

Not the shuttle bay doors, the exhibition doors.

Before entering the area with the shuttle, there is a film then a large garage like door (usually) opens exposing Atlantis. At least that was the set-up 5-19 years ago.


Drusgar t1_j3opl4y wrote

Oh yeah, I saw that. It was pretty epic. Kind of a movie theater experience with loud music preparing you for the big reveal.


No_Maines_Land t1_j3oqspw wrote

Yeah, so when I went through the big door failed, so no big reveal, just a side door. Got to see the looks on the faces of the next gang though!