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Adorable-Effective-2 t1_j4msfrv wrote

Reddit didn’t read the article apparently. ITS NOT FOR WEAPONS


Thesisus t1_j4nt622 wrote

I dont have time to think so I base all of my political beliefs on headlines, sound bites, and social media.


sickoplato t1_j4ow84o wrote

Tbf, why would you need training in zero gravity if you are not expecting combat in zero gravity? Expecting combat in space is close to the weaponization of it


burnerowl t1_j4o786g wrote

To be fair, only like, 10% of the article is relevant to STARCOM’s OW range… if that.


redcowerranger t1_j4qd0gs wrote

When it comes to the military, it's always for weapons in some way. This seems to be about training to do satellite maneuvers, and it mentions GPS, but this maneuver training would be the exact same for a GPS satellite as an Orbital Bombardment satellite


NikStalwart t1_j4pkeaj wrote

I am disappointed now and won't read the article out of spite.

When are we getting MAC ODPs? When?


Seattle2017 t1_j4s8hvi wrote

It's not for weapons for now. Guess what you can do if you control satellites in space: you can practice controlling them, practice running into other ones. It's weapon-adjacent.


_retzle_ t1_j4lm4wq wrote

They should focus on cleaning up junk and clearing the way for future endeavors.


bookers555 t1_j4oux8p wrote

I swear this sub complains more about space junk than astronomers and the ones in charge of launching rockets.


enddream t1_j4msz54 wrote

“Sounds cool but where gonna go with military buildup instead” -Space Force (DoD)


Kitchen_Philosophy29 t1_j4nzdjk wrote

Unfortunately, china already is. Defenses are a lot harder to make than offense

I try to just recognize the side benefits of more money and tech into space.

But also there are a ton of natural resources. There is an insane amount of titanium on the moon. Even if they dropped it through orbit and lost most of it. It would be insanely valuable. More likely they will use it to build. The moon is a pretty outstanding launchpad.


enddream t1_j4ohrvf wrote

I have to agree that it’s inevitable and more money going to space technology is a good thing.


Kitchen_Philosophy29 t1_j4nywgw wrote

Nasa maybe. Why would space force. Heck space debris would make it more difficult for others to get up there


Grey___Goo_MH t1_j4ni7dh wrote

Are these like the giant bubble in enders game where they bounce around in odd formations playing laser tag? because yes please it’s 2023 laser tag needs an upgrade


TheMostSolidOfSnakes t1_j4piurb wrote

Sure, it starts with space laser tag, but the next thing you know, we'll have aliens turning into trees, weaponized ADHD, and intelligent parrots shitting on us.


hawkwings t1_j4mhu7r wrote

Are these satellites that move other satellites? It might be useful to have a few up there to move things on short notice.


nayhem_jr t1_j4msan4 wrote

JAXA's gonna surprise everyone with satellites that can Izuna Drop other satellites.


OptimisticSkeleton t1_j4l7f2l wrote

Those dastardly Chinese scientists destroyed our moon habitat! Better make assault rifles that work in space.

<strings begin intro music>

Edit: for those who seem upset it’s a reference to the Apple TV show For All Mankind.


TabooRaver t1_j4mo7wk wrote

Last I checked modern rifles contain an oxidizer, so they already do?


madewithgarageband t1_j4n2c95 wrote

yeah it had more to do with modifications to radiate heat faster. And painted white


teacher_comp t1_j4mro02 wrote

I thought it was from the TV show Space Force. They also did that.


[deleted] t1_j4lpkkz wrote



pizzafacemelvin t1_j4m9ls7 wrote

Phased by plasma rifle in the 40-watt range


Apophis223 t1_j4manwf wrote

Lol the terminator is going to shine a light bulb at me!

Seriously though, plasma weapons will remain firmly in the realm of science fiction. As soon as plasma is introduced to a STP environment, it expands to fill the available volume and becomes a regular gas again. Kind of hard to shoot someone with that.


Decronym t1_j4mlk6i wrote

Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

|Fewer Letters|More Letters| |-------|---------|---| |DoD|US Department of Defense| |ITS|Interplanetary Transport System (2016 oversized edition) (see MCT)| | |Integrated Truss Structure| |JAXA|Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency| |LEO|Low Earth Orbit (180-2000km)| | |Law Enforcement Officer (most often mentioned during transport operations)| |MCT|Mars Colonial Transporter (see ITS)| |STP|Standard Temperature and Pressure| | |Space Test Program, see STP-2| |STP-2|Space Test Program 2, DoD programme, second round|

^(5 acronyms in this thread; )^(the most compressed thread commented on today)^( has 37 acronyms.)
^([Thread #8440 for this sub, first seen 16th Jan 2023, 19:58]) ^[FAQ] ^([Full list]) ^[Contact] ^([Source code])


SillyPuppy5 t1_j4ov90k wrote

Thats war strategy 101 : set up "temporary" training ranges


night_dude t1_j4oyrg4 wrote

chanting Ender's Game... Ender's Game... Ender's Game...


davtruss t1_j4ozwoz wrote

This sounds like an excellent opportunity to practice by figuring out how to collect or reroute space junk. It seems that space junk could threaten global satellite health as much as a committed enemy.


Lanaforge t1_j4nbr89 wrote

The military has plenty air training ranges. When they’re not in use, they work pretty much the same as normal airspace. When they’re hot, traffic is just vectored around them, under them, or over them.

Trouble with this though, due to the cost of moving stuff around up there, a space range would effectively be exclusive use.

That being said, space is vast and three dimensional. I’d have to see how big a slice they’re asking be set aside. Chances are, it’s not a lot.

Good luck getting them to say what’s happening up there, though.


simcoder t1_j4ou69k wrote

So what happens if another nation frowns upon these sorts of shenanigans?


saquonbrady t1_j4o590o wrote

Can someone explain to me exactly what the space force does? Do they get to go into space?


longpenisofthelaw t1_j4oh2du wrote

From what iv been told they just mostly handle military satellites honestly they were already doing functions other branches of the military were doing and no on in the military sees a point in it other than making a political statement by a certain president…


LA_search77 t1_j4ojj7u wrote

With so many taxpayers in need of help, we got a department in search of a purpose.


smitty2963 t1_j4nwor0 wrote

Will it be pistols and phasers? Or just long range lazer muskets? Oh and will it be a private range?


JohSpell t1_j4mm4c7 wrote

Glad I started training my kids for battle school early.


whatevrmn t1_j4o65hj wrote

We can't get health care, but we can get an extra branch of the military to pay for.


apworker37 t1_j4ml8k9 wrote

Call it $1,000 per lbs to send up. It’s going to cost the taxpayers.


thecaptcaveman t1_j4n07um wrote

How they gonna do that? They won't be using rockets. What will they use?


HulkHogan1350 t1_j4nccq3 wrote

There's a whole-ass article you could've read


thecaptcaveman t1_j4nfo5z wrote

There is already a secret space program that does everything they want and more.


HulkHogan1350 t1_j4nhbdu wrote

Why do you put in the effort to comment but not the effort to read the article?


thecaptcaveman t1_j4nhhv2 wrote

I did. Why do you believe that SpaceForce will use anything else than rockets as they don't want to admit they have other methods of propulsion?


drumscrubby t1_j4nl5ke wrote

Can we solve the whole, earth water people food situation first?


queezus77 t1_j4lbe27 wrote

This is a recipe for disaster wrapped in a bad idea wrapped in a bad ideology. But jeez the Chinese sure sound real spooky don’t they?


Stennick t1_j4nao3c wrote

Whats a recipe for disaster? Did you read the article? This has nothing to do with weapons.


Ad_Astra117 t1_j4nxweo wrote

> Whats a recipe for disaster?

An entire society of people who base their beliefs on headlines and comment sections

Exhibit A: this entire thread


Reggie_001 t1_j4lzkqm wrote

Yes, we should ignore what China is doing because someone over here has a bad idea that hasn't even been implemented yet?


paulhockey5 t1_j4migus wrote

Or we should have let them joint the ISS when they asked, now they have their own space station.


KingDominoIII t1_j4n5cha wrote

Great, so instead of stealing our tech they developed their own, inferior tech.


Imagine-Summer t1_j4pt1jf wrote

> stealing our tech

So like the US? Very much doubt you had any problem with that.


KingDominoIII t1_j4qkfyd wrote

I have no idea what you mean. The US can’t steal tech from itself.


badger81987 t1_j4ml9w7 wrote

What about the conduct of the CCP makes you think they do well working in collaborations?


fractal_disarray t1_j4mk6sv wrote

USA be like: "space is for peace faring nations"

Also USA: let's blow some shit up in space, guys.


Stennick t1_j4nau06 wrote

It has nothing to do with weapons read the article sheesh.


technofuture8 t1_j4kntwf wrote

None of this is going to happen without SpaceX's Starship rocket. The Starship rocket will change spaceflight forever!!!!! Seriously people, the Starship rocket will allow full scale space colonization to begin. The Starship rocket is so revolutionary it's not even funny!!!

Hail Elon Musk!!!! Praise be to Elon!!!!!


IrocDewclaw t1_j4l53fz wrote

Here, have a snickers. Your not yourself when your hangry.


luciel_1 t1_j4lnu86 wrote

Yes Starship is exciting and very promising. Elon musk is a Bastard though.


decomposition_ t1_j4m8m33 wrote

It makes me happy to see comment sections on this subreddit go against the grain when it comes to most of Reddit about Elon Musk. Most of the time people get tunnel vision and won’t allow themselves to admit or acknowledge the amazing things SpaceX is doing due to their emotional attachment of hatred for Elon Musk (although much of his criticism is well deserved)


SpaceShark01 t1_j4ouvo9 wrote

I was thinking this was satire or a troll but based on the post history I’m not sure anymore.


technofuture8 t1_j4ov0d2 wrote

The SpaceX Starship rocket will absolutely revolutionize space flight like never before!!!!!!


greenmachine11235 t1_j4m3jg5 wrote

Musk has done fuck all for the development of both the tesla and spaceXs rockets besides being a piggybank.


paulhockey5 t1_j4mitm8 wrote

Tom Mueller, lead propulsion engineer at SpaceX during the development of the Falcon 9 says you’re wrong. I’m going to believe him.


shooter19802003 t1_j4m9j1k wrote

Soooooo, how do they advance without money? Pretty difficult. So, I would say he's done alot.