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Adeldor t1_j3e32br wrote

Within the definition of "comprehension" as "the capacity for understanding fully," I do indeed assert that distances in space fall beyond anyone's full grasp. At an intellectual level, certainly one can discuss such measurements and manipulate devices accordingly, but they fall beyond human intuition and evolutionary experience.


Phatcat15 t1_j3e448o wrote

I agree with you. Some people think they can comprehend the universe I guess… 🤷🏼


Atalantean t1_j3ee2n7 wrote

You asked, I answered you. And then you did it again.
It's an assumption that no one's comprehension exceeds your own.


Adeldor t1_j3ef0wu wrote

I did what again? Disagree with you? I gave some rationale. You gave just an assertion without explanation. My point stands. I'll leave it there.