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Sassy-irish-lassy t1_j6cxfwb wrote

I believe that celestial bodies become rounded by their own gravity, but is there a certain minimum size where that won't happen?


I4Vhagar t1_j6d7ulj wrote

It’s clearly a giant egg, possibly space Godzilla?


KermitPhor t1_j6dw11l wrote

Just to behold, some are 6 miles deep and eons old, only one of the stories Cassini told!

Alright had to double check, it is one of the images from Cassini’s targetted flyby in 2005. Absolutely wild how the craters of water ice and mineral appear and the raw curiosity this draws up.


pippinator1984 t1_j6fokpb wrote

Potato or egg shaped caused by impact of other objects or it just formed this way from its beginning?


HungryTreasure t1_j6g10r8 wrote

WTF, where’s the huge city and all the robots?


Why_Syzygy t1_j6k39kb wrote

Hyperion is also one of like, only three known natural satellites in the solar system that isn’t tidally locked with its parent planet. A very unique satellite, indeed!


Alana-9 t1_j6d6vxq wrote

Does anyone know, are those impact craters on its surface?


NeverFence t1_j6f84mo wrote

Parts of the surface almost appear porous. I wonder if that's the case or it's just many impacts


Who_DaFuc_Asked t1_j6j48cb wrote

I think it's cool that it's "kinda-sorta round". Like it's obviously not spherical but it does have a relatively defined smooth-ish shape.