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OKidAComputer t1_j6vsi0s wrote

Say what you want about him, but the guy is an absolute warrior.


Any-Watch-6974 t1_j6um81u wrote

He should talk to his water and ask it to heal him.


AlisherUsmanov t1_j6x76o2 wrote

Well no the tear could have worsened on the last second of the last match but sure


mileswilliams t1_j6wdcu8 wrote

Sounds like fake made up science shit, he should discredit it and refuse treatment.


kingsillypants t1_j6y1mua wrote

He should just do his research, and everyone knows MRI machines cause cancer. /S.


weedco1966 t1_j6vf9ry wrote

Test his urine.


Kelikor t1_j6v4y9p wrote

i dont believe anything that comes out of Djackass' camp


LarryPeru OP t1_j6vkk57 wrote

Came from the Australian Open doctors, nothing to do with his camp


theycallmeasloth t1_j6w4g8j wrote

It didn't it came from tournament director Craig Tilley who is just as big douche as Joker.

Show the scans cowards.