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mdmcnally1213 t1_j6zi7de wrote

And that bum Brady is retiring?


Charming_Cry3472 t1_j6zlhl4 wrote

That’s amazing. This is such an inspiration. I’m almost 40 and have set a goal of working out at least 30 minutes 5 days a week and lift weights 2 times a week. Im 5 weeks in and feel so good! Im gonna keep on going and hope I can still do this at 55!


Bifferer t1_j70aqu7 wrote

You can do it! I’m 61 and run 20-25miles/wk. 75 sit ups, 25 push ups, and 10 pull ups every morning during the week.


lessthantom t1_j70shzy wrote

I’m 36 and walked up a hill yesterday, i nearly died


Jayayewhy t1_j729hxj wrote

I'm 38 and hyperextended my knee a little bit because my foot fell asleep playing guitar. Did not happen when I was 28.


lessthantom t1_j72anrh wrote

In an update to my day yesterday, i had to go back down said hill and for some strange reason decided to run down it…..

Currently in no particular order of pain my feet,shins,calves,1 leg one buttock and shoulders are all in agonising pain…..

All because my car was is for service and i had to walk home after drop off (up hill) and back (downhill to pick it up…….


gaillimhlover t1_j71pdfu wrote

How’d you come up with these numbers (aside from the running mileage)?


Bifferer t1_j72o8sv wrote

It’s what I can comfortably do and get noticeable results.


Narrator-to-gods t1_j70wzmc wrote

I’ll be 55 in March. Competed two years ago in a winter mountain quad. I’ve been athletic all my life by just wanting to be that way. It’s possible.


jw1879 t1_j70z5q5 wrote

King Kaz!! 👑


Djbearjew t1_j72lyqe wrote

Julio Franco is dusting off his cleats after reading this


seatega t1_j72yyas wrote

Imagine getting to live your childhood dream of being a pro athlete into your deep 50s? What a life


Economind t1_j73dfkf wrote

Hope for 55 yr olds everywhere… not that I’m giving away my age.


avitony t1_j702eip wrote

We should have more news like this every day. Just humans being Bros !


Jlx_27 t1_j6zwu31 wrote

"Please take him, he is slowing us down"