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vulger4540 t1_j7kjjce wrote

wtf are you talking about lmao. it's 13 years old. it didn't happen yesterday.


edna7987 t1_j7krko6 wrote

The comment was “fuck I’m old” about remembering something that happened in 2010. My point is that this doesn’t make a person old as a 20 year old could easily remember this and they are clearly not old.


vulger4540 t1_j7ksjci wrote

it's hyperbole. lol. talk to anyone in their 30s. they will tell you they are getting old. no one axtually.thinka they are old....


edna7987 t1_j7ktffe wrote

Ok jar jar, you can thinka whatever you want.


vulger4540 t1_j7kw4t4 wrote

I think you should just try thinking in general