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edna7987 t1_j7ks2bl wrote

Saying that remembering something makes you old that a 20 year old could easily remember is a “look at me” moment? It’s just very overused on Reddit imo.


scatterbastard t1_j7ktho2 wrote

You arguing over a subjective comment is the woooooosh. Sorry, but if you aren’t getting it by now there’s not much use explaining.

Edit: it’s like a real life AKCHTUALLY


edna7987 t1_j7lbyek wrote

Yes, it’s subjective so I’m also allowed to have an opinion correct?


scatterbastard t1_j7lmcs9 wrote

Yeah except it’s HIS subjective thought on how HE feels that you are arguing, over multiple posts, is incorrect.


edna7987 t1_j7ln19u wrote

I’m just stating I disagree with their opinion because I think it’s wrong and an annoying common Reddit comment that everyone says “oh I’m so old” now.

Sorry I stated I disagree, I’ll stop having an opinion.