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ElDeguello66 t1_j7uthhy wrote

Many, many, freelancers. Most of the steadicam and jib operators you see in the periphery of a sporting event own and operate those rigs, or work for very small specialized outfits that do.


Reading_Rainboner t1_j7uua0r wrote

Yep. And the core crew gets traveled in on corporate payroll, the skycam is on one, local professional crew is on a different one and then, the less skilled laborers are on their own one.

Saves companies assloads of money and none of these positions get benefits like they did 40 years ago when they had to be hired on.


joelluber t1_j7w830c wrote

GameDay finds local crew by putting up fliers in the theatre, film, and journalism departments at the schools they visit. Might be different if the venue has an IATSE contact, though.