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ScruffyWeeny42 t1_j84x7eq wrote

Meanwhile in the NFL or NBA players get penalized for sneezing too loud near the refs.

This is a full out toddlers temper tantrum, like they dont even let you behave this way in kindergarten. Dude should be embarrassed that he did that in public.. let alone on a broadcast


alex_119 t1_j85d7ja wrote

Jayson Tatum got a technical for clapping out of frustration. Rules are really weird


lajdbejdk t1_j85ujv9 wrote

If there’s one thing all sports have in common, if you embarrass the referee/judge, you will be penalized.


GTOdriver04 t1_j86gs1m wrote

My favorite part about baseball is that some managers will deliberately get tossed by the Plate Umpire as a show of solidarity to a player.


Doggleganger t1_j8klfll wrote

It's part of the fun of baseball. Manager gotta front up to get the "You're outta here" finger.


belizeanheat t1_j851ylb wrote

Well adults get to do a lot of things kindergartners don't get to


pwellzorvt t1_j8555sz wrote

Let’s nip this train of thought in the bud right here.


homelessdreamer t1_j859aop wrote

Yeah, I prefer to talk about the things kindergartens get to that I don't get to. Like mid day naps in their schedule.


gideon513 t1_j88psp1 wrote

I think he should have gotten a warning + point penalty and more considering he smashed three in a row. That said players do get penalized for outbursts especially with regard to officials. Djokovic got thrown out of the us open for hitting a ball at lone judge not that long ago.


fane1967 t1_j85icy5 wrote

Or showing the referee camera evidence that their call was wrong.


raktoe t1_j85msgr wrote

Bringing a camera on field deserves to get you tossed. Call has to be made real time, refs don’t get the opportunity to get multiple takes of the play.


fane1967 t1_j85n44c wrote

Which is not the case with VAR in soccer, already proven instrumental for better calls.


raktoe t1_j88e4zu wrote

I’m sorry, when was the last time a ref kicked someone out for using the VAR?


fane1967 t1_j88ib85 wrote

Patrick Beverley was penalized for proving the referee he was blind. Bringing in camera evidence to support a correct referee call is the essence of VAR.


raktoe t1_j88k8ab wrote

He was suspended for challenging a call using VAR?


fane1967 t1_j88me6m wrote

Penalized by the referee for bringing in video evidence that the referee was blind, yes.

Oh wait, that’s a totally diffent thing. /s


raktoe t1_j88u86j wrote

Source please?


raktoe t1_j88utdd wrote

Ah, so he didn’t use a proper challenge system, he just brought a random camera onto the court. Correct me if I’m wrong, no one has been suspended for correctly challenging for a video review in any sport?


fane1967 t1_j88x1fd wrote

Never knew that whatever anyone (e.g. bystander or reporter) could video record and present in a non-edited fashion is worth discarding.

You see, being occasionally wrong is not such a big deal. Rejecting evidence that shows you’re wrong is just plain stupid.


raktoe t1_j891i8u wrote

You understand the referees legally can’t overturn a call based on that right? No, you probably don’t.


fane1967 t1_j892lsn wrote

Which is why this arbitrary fallacy-prone system needs to evolve.


raktoe t1_j892yac wrote

Yeah! It’d be great to have players and coaches running out with cameras after every play.


fane1967 t1_j893mdw wrote

Prize for stubborness into not seeing the obvious goes to you mate.


honcooge t1_j85nu4l wrote

Bosa arguable cost his team for slamming his helmet on the ground. Joke league


deeefoo t1_j9kw97h wrote

Tennis players do get penalized for smashing racquets, they just don't show it in the clip. On top of that, Yonex, which is his racquet sponsor, also fines their players for smashing their racquets.


thecwestions t1_j86odbg wrote

Maybe he's trying to be like the new Johnny Macenroe.


Phunwithscissors t1_j8848i3 wrote

Ah yes lets have all sports have the stupid ruleset and power driven refs the nba has


monty_kurns t1_j850zvk wrote

I’m surprised he only got a warning. I’ve seen tennis players be ejected for the doing the same thing to just one.


georgeb4itwascool t1_j8531gp wrote

No you haven’t.