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Jon-Robb t1_j856nnr wrote

18k spectators at the game


Demrezel t1_j85t2pk wrote

And for anyone who's interested, they play next tomorrow at 6pm EST. They're playing the Romania Wolves!


The team from Atlanta, Georgia is called Team Doritos hahahahahahaha


edit: I can also link a live stream feed for anyone who wants to watch w/ me tomorrow night!


95castles t1_j86nr7l wrote

If that was the kids’ decision on the team name, then that’s awesome! If that’s due to other reasons, then it seems very Idiocracy-like.


Criticalhit_jk t1_j87feoo wrote

I stopped buying Doritos like 10 years ago, more or less, and since then have bought two bags and both had super oily wet chips and were gross.

Not really saying anything, but that sucked. Hope these kids enjoy their games


2ichie t1_j87fu7c wrote

Wtf, oily wet Doritos? Your distributor must be drunk.


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TheBomb-DotCom t1_j887hbd wrote

They are back enjoy


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TheBomb-DotCom t1_j894h1r wrote

I was just showing they exist, I can get the corner store across the street. That’s also less than a dollar a bag, which is less than half the price of what individual bags cost.


rozhasi t1_j87328o wrote

The team from Atlanta, GA is called Atlanta Fire. We played Team Doritos tonight, which is a team from NY and CT, and we blew them away 4:0.


vameshu t1_j85tly7 wrote

Interested in the Romanian match. Pls do.


PocketSandInc t1_j85fjya wrote

They played their first game of the tournament today and won 3-1!

Edit: just ran into a great article about the game and video footage


AdviceNotAskedFor t1_j88kye7 wrote

To be honest I'd hate to be the team that plays them.

Instant assholes if you beat them or let them win.


guspaz t1_j86cssn wrote

The Vidéotron Centre was built relatively recently (opened in 2015) as a full-up NHL/Olympic arena for failed NHL/Olympic bids, and it's fully equipped for that. So these kids aren't just playing in a small community rink, they're playing in a full-up NHL-class arena in front of a crowd of 18 thousand. I can't imagine how amazing it would be for any kid to get to play in front of that kind of crowd.


pattyG80 t1_j889jwv wrote

Meanwhile, the Coyotes get 4600 fans to a game


2ichie t1_j87ga2q wrote

It’s unreal the difference between playing infront of a large crowd and not. That energy has you going all damn game it’s something I think everyone should get a chance at experiencing.


Meadowvillain t1_j87ldkf wrote

It’s crazy to feel an entire arena of people cheering something you did or conversely an entire arena of peoples anger screaming at you for something you did , especially when most games it’s just a random few parents and relatives since I mostly just played house league.


Mark-Jr-it-is t1_j85bjle wrote

Hockey is the greatest sport in the world.

Glory to Ukraine!


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Smooth-Corrector t1_j86jgky wrote

A pro Russian trump supporter. What a complete shocker.


HobbyWanKenobi t1_j86nsr4 wrote

If you want a good time, I suggest you go look at his profile history it's pretty great /s


WesternOne9990 t1_j86n3i8 wrote

Gtfo, if you see a church with the sign children outside painted onto the carpark with a message only seen from the sky you don’t shoot. Or atleast that’s my sense of morality, where is yours?

I see from your comments your morality is asking “what’s wrong with a few extra stitches” when it comes to the husband stitch, denying a legitimate democratic election and defending Andrew tate.

Don’t waste your time commenting like I did everybody, this poor soul is lost.


Geoarbitrage t1_j86i0ag wrote

I coached hockey for a suburban Cleveland team back in the 80s. We had an exchange program at the end of the season with Canadian teams whereby our kids would go and stay with the Canadian family for four nights and we’d have round robin tournaments and a month later, all the Canadian kids would stay with our families for four nights where we have round robin tournaments. It was a blast and a lot of the kids made lifelong friends, this was in the Toronto area by the way.


gnarledout t1_j896wuw wrote

Similar for this tournament at least for my son. Each of the kids (they’re matched up in pairs) are staying with a Billet family and all the parents are in hotels. A lot of these neighborhoods have rinks in the area so all the kids get to play pond hockey when they aren’t playing. It’s so rad. The host families have been awesome.


CaptainSur t1_j85ywje wrote

I am actually a bit shocked they beat the Boston Pee-Wee team. I simply would have thought the Boston team had more experience being in a hockey market.

But fabulous for these kids and congrats to the organizers and the Quebec parents hosting these children.


CanadianRaconteur t1_j86gvt3 wrote

Ukrainians get the extra boost from having last names that look more nhl on jerseys.

Lol. It’s part of an old joke about my cousin and me and our skills playing hockey (cousin is Ukrainian like us, but with my moms orig last name vs me with my dads clearly native last name lol).


samtdzn_pokemon t1_j86htxq wrote

There are like a dozen teams in Boston in any age group, so depends on which team is at the tournament in all honestly.


R_M_Jaguar t1_j86y645 wrote

Peewee Quebec has expanded ($$$) and now have far more skill levels included in different brackets and not just AAA anymore.


rozhasi t1_j873oza wrote

The Ukrainian team is a AAA-level team playing two divisions down to win the title. It’s politics at its worst.


TheTemplarSaint t1_j87qpqs wrote

That’s politics at its worst? I guess you haven’t payed much attention these last few years.

You do know the Ukrainian team is made up of refugees, right?


rozhasi t1_j882wy2 wrote

I know about this war more than you ever would, as I read (and speak) both languages on both sides of the conflict. I also follow the news about the war daily in the native languages spoken on both sides.

This is political. The fact that the kids are refugees from the war doesn’t change the fact that this is a AAA team playing two divisions down to win the AA division (there is AAA, AA Elite, and AA) and make the news so that the Canadians would feel better about helping Ukraine.

This is unfair to the three dozen teams playing in the AA division. Those are ALSO kids with feelings. The adults think they can boost their egos and promote themselves at the expense of 12-year-old kids. I was at the game yesterday, as my son plays on a team in the AA division of this tournament. I know the difference between AA and AAA. Ukrainians should be playing in the AAA division, and if they won it, that would be a good story to tell: winning honestly and not by cheating. This team is a national select team of the best Ukrainian 12-year-old hockey players representing a nation of 45 million people (larger in population than Canada) playing against club teams that are two levels below them in skill.

Want to help Ukraine? Donate money to the Ukrainian armed forces so that they win the war against Russia instead of bringing a AAA team to Canada to play two levels down to make sensational news that a team of refugees wins Pee Wee Quebec 2023. They are already calling this a “Miracle on Ice”. Ridiculous shenanigans by the unscrupulous adults to make the news and promote themselves at the expense of innocent kids.

Incidentally, I can’t find any news in Ukrainian media about the Pee Wee Quebec Tournament or the Ukrainian team winning a game in a packed NHL-size arena. Guess what? They have much more serious news to cover.


UsedToBsmart t1_j8ae515 wrote

You sound like every mentally deranged hockey dad I’ve every met. Since the schedule has been released you have been on My Hockey researching every team to understand your chances of winning. It’s fucking youth hockey, relax and let the kids have fun.

Their first game was 3 - 1 and the last goal was an empty net goal. Boston was up early in the third and lost focus at the end letting in a couple late goals. And you think they are playing two leagues down? LMFAO - what you need to do is tell little Johnny to suck it up and play harder, you crying like a baby about team placement isn’t good for anyone and will not help your team win.


dracko307 t1_j85axuz wrote

I'm pretty sure they've been here for a couple weeks at least. We also had the Ukraine U20 team do a tour around the country aging against junior/uni teams during Christmas time


Brumski07 t1_j86bg81 wrote

Stan Marshinksy is a washed-up fourth grader. He’s got no job, no bicycle, and his only way out is to coach…

record scratch

A pee-wee hockey team


gnarledout t1_j86tbhu wrote

My son is playing in this tournament. I was surprised to see Ukraine and am so happy for them. It’s been a great tournament and the kids are having a great time.


UncleLukeTheDrifter t1_j884o1x wrote

Another person in this thread commented that their son is also playing in this tournament. They said that the Ukraine team is a AAA team playing two levels down… is this true? Good luck to your son and his teammates!


bdlugz t1_j88yug0 wrote

I can't speak to this tournament specially, but I will say this: almost all tournaments have ranking requirements to play, so a team cannot play down if they have a higher ranking than allowed by that division. The Ukraine team is also a mixed team of 11 and 12 year olds, so it's unlikely they'd be competitive in a true peewee major AAA division. I can't speak to whether they should be in AA, elite, or AAA, but the tournament likely controls that better than any spectator realizes.


UsedToBsmart t1_j8afhzp wrote

No, it’s a bitter hockey dad. I’ve been to 100’s of youth hockey tournaments and there is a group of dads that do nothing but complain about team placement. You can spot these pansy asses a mile away. It’s sad, I feel bad for their kids.

The Ukraine team won their first game 3 - 1. And the last goal was an empty net goal. The game was zero - zero until the third period when Boston took the lead early. Ukraine score two late goals, then the empty netter to secure the win.

A game like this is exactly what you are looking for in one of these tournaments. If they were playing two leagues down it would have been 10 - 0. Another game in the same division with different teams was 9 - 0. Why isn’t daddy complaining about that? I assume the team that got smacked down is placed too high.

Overall take anything you hear from a nutter hockey dad with a grain of salt.


gnarledout t1_j89723i wrote

I’m not sure for the status of this team but I do know that teams can mix up their teams with better players from their rink. I know this has happened with the first team we played (still won though).


Gnomojo t1_j85ouik wrote

Yukes can stick. That’s for sure. Our Canadian boys better watch out. Keep your stick on the ice.


DendariaDraenei t1_j86vfk5 wrote

Great story, but I'm mystified why MSN classifies hockey under "curling".


MrClavet t1_j89bvv5 wrote

They will go back to Ukraine telling everyone how Poutine is so good… and delicious


salparadis t1_j89fap1 wrote

Great tournament and experience. I was on the first-ever girl’s team to play in it and have a lot of fond memories. I’m sure these boys will too. I wish them luck!


emrbe t1_j889bxg wrote

How awesome would it be if these guys win? This needs to happen. Good luck!


Vybrofly06 t1_j88fjht wrote

Let’s fucking goooooooo!!!


Zstubby10 t1_j8bmqoi wrote

This should be a lot bigger. This is awesome news.


pandaSmore t1_j86sgwt wrote

What is this a Screach Owls book?


Coveredin_rain t1_j87unfj wrote

peewee? Never heard that before 😱Why not youth team? Or under 16s


rozhasi t1_j884nhe wrote

Because you are clueless about hockey. Read up and educate yourself before posting this nonsense and embarrassing yourself. For one, it’s under 12, genius.


thethwamp t1_j88esuu wrote

They’ll love getting their ass handed to them by Canadian teams lol


AkkaFoo t1_j87rx12 wrote

Shouldn't they be fighting a war and not playing games? I feel like they have more important things to worry about than a hockey match....


rozhasi t1_j884v4x wrote

Kids can’t be fighting a war, but the money should be used to donate to the Ukrainian army instead of putting up a fake “Miracle on Ice” show by bringing a select team of the best Ukrainian national hockey team of 12-year-olds to play two levels down so that they would be guaranteed the victory and make the news for the promoters. Dirty politics and money.


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Smooth-Corrector t1_j86jpn6 wrote

Why would you hope for that?


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ronytheronin t1_j86sa40 wrote

Still not as low as you…


[deleted] t1_j86sdc3 wrote



ronytheronin t1_j86spdp wrote

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what happens when we let the inbred talk…


[deleted] t1_j86svfb wrote



ronytheronin t1_j86t7l2 wrote

Bitch, the red states are the biggest of the welfare queens. Morons like you have been dead weight since the beginning of slavery.


[deleted] t1_j86td8c wrote



ronytheronin t1_j86ua8i wrote

You’re not making money you fucking parasites. You should be begging on your knees that the blues states take care of your sorry asses.

Instead of letting you starve like you deserve for electing Trump, the federal government bailed you out during his economic war.

Just like a cat, confident in your independence while being completely at the mercy of a system you don’t understand nor appreciate.


Hall0point t1_j8621dm wrote

America probably paid for the entire trip.


Lordsokka t1_j867vzf wrote

Dude, the tournament is in Canada.


Pedro_el_panda t1_j88get7 wrote

Even if the money came straight from us Quebecers pocket I don't give a shit. I'm proud and consider myself lucky to be part of it


Lordsokka t1_j88mcnn wrote

Yes it’s very good thing that was done for these kids, very proud of Canada and Quebec right now.


UrMomGoes_To_College t1_j89fcv7 wrote

I'm pretty sure Hunter Bidens laptop paid for it


Hall0point t1_j89gihx wrote

Checks out. I'm sure Ukraine only hired Hunter for his knowledge and good character.


canttouchmypingas t1_j85tobr wrote

How is this news whatsoever


WesternOne9990 t1_j86otig wrote

I haven’t read the article yet but how would it not be newsworthy based off the headline alone? A kids team from a country besieged by Russian forces where able to compete in an international hockey tournament. This is just as newsworthy as the miracle on ice, and that hockey game will be remembered forever.

If you want to be pedantic than no sports event is newsworthy unless there’s loss of life or corruption or something it’s just ‘sports’