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UTRAnoPunchline t1_j8ft5ne wrote

There aren't openly gay men in major pro sports...

I believe there isn't a single openly gay male in any of the 4 major Sports League in the States.

So this news is actually a big deal to some people. Particularly LGBT sports fans or young LGBT athletes.


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Lambily t1_j8gj8ic wrote

When it becomes the norm, you can make that argument. We're nowhere near that time, at this moment.

Gay athletes are massively underrepresented and visibility like this inspires young gay people — who might love sports but might feel like they aren't welcome in that space.


Coyote_406 t1_j8ib9hn wrote

Luke Prokop doesn’t play in the NHL, he’s on minor league teams. The fact that you cherry picked that stat shows you are trying to prove a point.