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DangerBay2015 t1_j8qy9u1 wrote

Was there really that much criticism?

Fox News talking heads found ONE ex-NFL player that I saw speak out.

Adrian Peterson, so-called Christian man. You, know, the kind of Christian man who pleads guilty to misdemeanour assault for beating his son, and then says “yeah, I still hit him with a belt, but at least it’s not a switch, I learned my lesson.”

The kind of Christian man who defrauds a bank and gets ordered to repay $2.4 million dollars. And then defaults on two other lawsuit settlements, of $5 million and $8 million respectively.

The kind of Christian man who gets charged with assault for slapping his wife around on a flight.

If that’s the kind of Christian man who’s being offended by Damar Hamlin’s Jesus jacket, he’s probably walking with Christ more than the ONE football player Fox News found to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Adrian Peterson was the BEST mouthpiece Fox News could find. The BEST. I mean it probably didn’t help they were dividing their Super Bowl outrage between Damar Hamlin’s Jesus threads, the black national anthem, and the pregnant black gal dancing with all of her clothes on, but they were REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel with this phoned in meltdown.

At least Damar Hamlin has the grace to say he meant no disrespect, that’s one step more than Adrian Peterson ever made.


iwishihadahorse t1_j8sj6a8 wrote

>dividing their Super Bowl outrage between Damar Hamlin’s Jesus threads, the black national anthem, and the pregnant black gal dancing with all of her clothes on

Euphemisms when Fox News can't say what Fox News really wants to say.


thecoolestthingever t1_j8r4ncx wrote

Exactly what I thought when AP of all people came at this guy. Like hey Adrian on a scale of not cleaning your room to breaking your own son's arm, how much do you think Jesus cares about this fucking jacket? What a fucking jackass


pdxphotographer t1_j8ukvej wrote

Sounds like Adrian Peterson might eventually end up being the next ex football player to run for public office as a Republican.


LionGuy190 t1_j8v42oc wrote

I laughed. And then cried. You’re not wrong


ztkraf01 t1_j8tvk5m wrote

Sounds like a normal run of the mill Christian to me. Not sure why you’re surprised.


nillafrosty t1_j8sfg3d wrote

I find it annoying the article doesn’t even show the jacket in question


CaptainCorpse666 t1_j8tuu5t wrote


TheBaddestPatsy t1_j8va08r wrote

Wow, for once it actually is mocking Jesus. I mean IDGAF but I’m impressed Christian outrage is accurately describing something for a change.


BigDaddyQP t1_j8ttuvt wrote

That’s why I’m in the comments. Let’s see if we get lucky


orangutan9 t1_j8qymms wrote

Adrian Peterson can choke on a bag of D's


Knightmare25 t1_j8urqau wrote

You would think Christians would have some deference to someone who came back from the dead.


blunsr t1_j8s0hwf wrote

Adrian Peterson’s had his feelings hurt. I’m surprised he didn’t beat Hamlin with a switch!!


thatkellenguy t1_j8u11h6 wrote

As an agnostic, I’m so fuckin tired of religions (usually Christianity) getting some pedestal where if it isn’t just the most glorifying depiction, it’s worthy of ire. Not everyone believes in your dumbass fairy tale. You get to wear and say shit about how I’m going to hell for not believing but others can’t wear THIS of all things? What gives them the right?

He doesn’t owe anyone an apology. The jacket didn’t say like “fuck Christians”.


GoX14 t1_j8vba5r wrote

I’m totally with you. But Islam is waaaaay worse about depictions of Muhammad lol.


mtheperry t1_j91bhr2 wrote

Christians will talk about how silly it is for Muslims to make a big deal about those depictions and then act like this.


imnotsoho t1_j8vm6cw wrote

Sounds kind of like the scary ones who attack people for drawing cartoons of Mohamed. I can't tell the difference.


AndyLand1 t1_j8tt0cy wrote

Let me save you a click.

The 24-year-old was seen wearing a jacket depicting Jesus on the back with the word "Eternal" emblazoned above it. On the front, it bore another image of Jesus and the phrase: "Without end and without beginning, there is no day and there is no night."


WannabeTraveler87 t1_j8sn9z8 wrote

I dont want to watch a video to see the jacket he wore.


kidnidi t1_j8u731y wrote

The Bible was written by man. Man is full of shit. Idk how nobody bothered to put 2 and 2 together.


Jesus_Died_For_You t1_j8xwnit wrote

You decided the Bible is false, but you’re a human so by definition you’re full of 💩. so I guess that means the Bible is true


Beffanator t1_j8x2ctc wrote

Further, thousands of men have rewrote this “Infallible” historic story. If Jesus was perfect he would’ve written it perfect the first time, not have randos editing the Bible thousands of times.


Jesus_Died_For_You t1_j8xvx3x wrote

This the opinion of someone who gets their info from r/atheism. The texts we have now are almost identical to the earliest manuscripts, with some of the only differences being the past/present tenses of certain words and things of that nature.


jawnquixote t1_j8ugu8d wrote

Dude went to a Catholic high school I think he can say whatever he wants about Christianity


Beffanator t1_j8x1rd7 wrote

To be fair he was a top 24 DB in the NFL, he built himself up and the injury tore him down. However, for the general public who supported Hamlin, a player they’ve never heard of, I got you, dude.


StankAss69_420 t1_j8ul4tq wrote

Christians are so sensitive smh


Beffanator t1_j8x1xaz wrote

They don’t seem too sensitive when they are stripping lgbtq rights, attacking folks of color and erasing history from school textbooks.


MuletownSoul t1_j8scwod wrote

Build 'em up, just to tear 'em down. Such is our society in 2023. Remember the days of just ignoring something that you don't like?


2percentgay t1_j8vvoik wrote

Back in the glory days without all the snowflakes fluttering around in the wind. Good mems.


apathy_saves t1_j8we3io wrote

Ironic that the boomers are the biggest snowflakes of them all


steboy t1_j8ukn2h wrote

Doesn’t Adrian Peterson have a kid he can take his anger out on?

/s obviously, but Damar should have told him to kick rocks.

Fucking loser.


MavriKhakiss t1_j8yavp8 wrote

Cool. Very nice.

Now do a Mohamed jacket.


bossmt_2 t1_j8yceo2 wrote

Poor Peterson, how could Damar hurt his sensibilities by wearing a coat.


I mean he should have done something more sensible like beat his son with a switch, defaulted on multiple loans and settlements for said loans, or delayed a flight to get arrested for Domestic VIolence.


LDcostict t1_j8uern2 wrote

Yo people are such cry babies that literally will do anything to be offended Lmaoo. The jacket has Jesus on the back and he on the crucifix. People mad about that… Lmaoo pussies


ValPrism t1_j8ufmw2 wrote

Oh Jesus Christ


themox78 t1_j8uyil1 wrote

so, dude almost dies from a heart attack and people are shitting about a jacket? fucked up priorities here.


Norva t1_j8w09yq wrote

Dude almost died. Let the man wear an ugly jacket.


TheRealJ0ckel t1_j8wycdw wrote

For all I care he could have burned a bible/quran/whatever in the stands and I wouldn't have been mad.


Kaiisim t1_j8x7xhj wrote

Media trying to make this a thing. Leave him alone mans heart stopped


GuyNamedWhatever t1_j8xoy3p wrote

“Why doesn’t the man who was tortured and nailed to a plank look as immaculate and beautiful as I think he should?” Is kind of an unhinged take.


TJwhosurmomma t1_j8up53v wrote

Why is damar Hamlin still in the spotlight?


Beffanator t1_j8x19wv wrote

Because he was performing as a top 24 DB, prior to his injury that almost killed him.