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SoupOrSandwich t1_j8ugo07 wrote

He's not that big, but I'm still surprised he could fit in a battery case


AskJeevesAnything t1_j8uyc0l wrote

Wonder what he’ll be charged with


[deleted] t1_j8ur5g6 wrote

Video evidence of him beating someone and he got to play the entire season.


discodiscgod t1_j8ux07g wrote

At least he didn’t gamble on a game he wasn’t playing in tho.


Rarecandy31 t1_j8ux631 wrote

Or smoke weeeeeed


Bradiator34 t1_j8uycsy wrote

Which the NFL highly encourages everyone else to do, since they make money off it.


teeksquad t1_j8wjp0j wrote

Dude beat an old man with his posse. Now that I have a kid I’m not sure I can keep watching football with their lack of accountability for terrible humans.


vbullinger t1_j8v2l4t wrote

Why'd they wait a whole damn year?!?


BarbequedYeti t1_j8v3xdy wrote

> Why'd they wait a whole damn year?!?

First time with Pro athletes and billion $ sports franchises?


coronavirusrex69 t1_j8xayt2 wrote

fully guaranteed supermax incoming!


noeagle77 t1_j8yey3u wrote

Watson hiding behind a bush to avoid suspension

Edit: was supposed to say suspicion but I’m leaving it


Sleyeme t1_j8v4e1l wrote

D.A’s or distract Attorneys gather info from the police records and build a case, that typically takes around 10-12 months when charges are filed and a warrant is issued.


vbullinger t1_j8wmzso wrote

If I did what Kamara did, I'd be arrested within a day and indicted within a week. I'd get a quick trial, be found guilty and probably go to prison for a couple years. All that would be settled before Kamara got indicted. I'd probably be halfway through my sentence already.


Sleyeme t1_j8x6aah wrote

False, you’d definitely be arrested have a trial that night but you’ll be released if you make whatever bond is set, but your arraignment will in 2 week and Chan he’s are your actually trial won’t be for another year if you plead not guilty yourself, and if you plead guilty yourself you’ll still have to wait for sentencing hearings, if you plead not guilty, so no your statement is false


SolChapelMbret t1_j8vqbe2 wrote

Gödell of NFL sits on so much criminal shit, he just picks and chooses when to ‘disclose’ anything, especially after an elongated season.


Cborovsky t1_j8v0pcv wrote

Of course Derek Carr leaves Las Vegas for the saints and his eventual weapons start to get arrested


samdc1985 t1_j8upkxm wrote

We’ll according to typical footfall contracts he’s up for a raise


gu_doc t1_j8uvkwd wrote

I thought Alvin was smarter than that.


whatisthishappiness t1_j8uwniz wrote

No I think Simon was the smart one.


RANDY_MAR5H t1_j8vg1ql wrote

It's incredible how you can make a ton of money and not ditch the people who will bring you down 5 times faster than you came up.


DryGumby t1_j8vgi0c wrote

Crazy how money and being good at sports doesn't make you a better person.


Locha6 t1_j8vq8r9 wrote

It’s on video … how he’s still a free man is insane


KazahanaPikachu t1_j8v678f wrote

NOOOOOO and I liked him too. Didn’t know he was such a piece of shit.


pmikelm79 t1_j8vbo5c wrote

Getting in a fight at a night club does not make someone a piece of shit. It’s almost like the facts should be put out there first.


mrmcdude t1_j8vctmd wrote

Beating a normal guy down 4 on 1 as a professional athlete in a non-threatening situation does though. I'm willing to hear Kamara's side of the story... but it doesn't look good.


teeksquad t1_j8wjv4d wrote

Watch the video. He hit the guy who had a good 20 years on him from behind in a hallway. No excuse in any way shape or form


DoggedDoggity t1_j8vlkik wrote

Now the Saints are gonna have to bring in Cordarrelle and Mike Davis…


chugonthis t1_j8v7kug wrote

Should have been indefinitely suspended like Calvin


CleaveIshallnot t1_j8wwk86 wrote

Love how after briefly describing a repercussive assault they then spend much more time listing his football stats.

Just an observation.

Read that article in 23.4 secs for 14 units of knowledge.


dadefresh t1_j905676 wrote

These are great stats! Did you do learning in college? You could have gone pro.


CleaveIshallnot t1_j90679m wrote

Yeah. I coulda been somebody.

I coulda been the champ.


... Ok I just sucked.

Those 2 or more syllable words just killed me.


Jassida t1_j8y0xce wrote

How did they fit in that?


Nickp000g t1_j91osis wrote

This asshole nearly killed somebody, and has faced barely any discipline. This thug should be in fucking prison


Rackendoodle t1_j8vgb39 wrote

Has the energy crisis hit the US now too?