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pm_me-ur_vulva t1_j91vz8a wrote

Vatrano was lucky other people got in the way of the punch. Deserved to eat that blocker. Yeah, it was a muffin of a punch he threw, but don't punch the goalie and don't punch someone who's not even looking at you. At least not if you want to keep your chiclets where they're supposed to be


whichwitch9 t1_j94empl wrote

Worst part is we were denied a true goalie fight.....

Gibson was ready. Refs shoulda let them go.

Fights are one thing, but there's just something about a goalie fight


MathMaddox t1_j96rs8c wrote

The shoulder shrug says it all.

This seems like he was the third man in a fight which would have been a game misconduct ejection even without the glove.


CleaveIshallnot t1_j968rra wrote

Played a few years of youth hockey waaaay back in the day in an East coast small town.

So small, had to travel to other towns to play opponents. Road games were truly road games.


Blocker was an accepted tactical advantage to access the throat under the protection of mask when goalies fought anybody.

Ummm, retrospectively, was that a dysfunctional environment?