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Swayz t1_j95s2rm wrote

Is the merchant of death back with his squad?


[deleted] t1_j95znir wrote



andrewdok t1_j96oys2 wrote

No idea what you're even trying to say. Try not being so subtle and just scream something about trump so we know you're a moron without wasting any more of our time.


Flbudskis t1_j96mpsz wrote

Now lets get back to real basketball.


lukeCRASH t1_j9athf0 wrote

I see players, hoops and a ball. Unless you meant slamball idk what your on about.


mayor_rudy_ghouliani t1_j9az9r6 wrote

It’s a reference to an ESPN(?) clip recently. The sportscaster made that comment as a transition from women’s to men’s college basketball.

Edit to add link:


terry_bradshaw t1_j94kj7h wrote

So glad to hear this news!!! Knowing that the merchant of death is out there is nothing now that I know I can watch my tied for first favorite WNBA player play on my tied for first favorite WNBA franchise. My day is truly so much better after this news.


thethunder92 t1_j98z1y6 wrote

I would rather an innocent person be free than a guilty person be punished


Priapraxis t1_j99cfp5 wrote

Not even considering the amount of innocent loss of life Bout has been and probably will continue to be instrumental in she's not innocent. She literally tried to enter a country with drugs on her that are illegal in said country and considering that country is fucking Russia of all places (and she's American!) it's just absurdly dumb.


terry_bradshaw t1_j997ps5 wrote

Your logic is flawed. You’re forgetting about the countless innocent people who will die because of Bout’s release.


thethunder92 t1_j99b2i6 wrote

I mean he wasn’t even that good at his job, he got caught and he’s old so maybe he’s worse than whoever else they have on the job


M1dn1ghtMaraud t1_j9biluv wrote

This doubling down is expert level trolling which if unintentional is even better.


CantRememberPass10 t1_j980qua wrote

Merchant of death bought a griner jersey - he is her number one fan…. What a joke


roshanpr t1_j95r8d7 wrote

America payed Mercury in a trade releasing a criminal that is free and probably making nasty things in Ukraine to watch her play.


uninkco t1_j95guoo wrote

This idiot got a deal? Good ol Phoenix


BigGreenBallOfPoop t1_j96g5qr wrote

Probably hoping her new found fame will bring in more spectators.


Shopped_For_Pleasure t1_j97bmaw wrote

“Hey! I hear that dope who smuggled drugs to Russia is playing for Phoenix. Wanna check it out?”


Omnizoom t1_j97ousn wrote

Man , I hope all the arms from the merchant of death was worth it…


Flaky_Advantage_352 t1_j99nf2h wrote

I love to watch the WNBA on Youtube... the bloopers vids are hilarious


iflookzkill t1_j9ci3pd wrote

That wasn't the blooper vid. That was the actual game.


L3oSanch3z t1_j96r150 wrote



thegarebear1 t1_j9g3dmf wrote

Congrats, this country traded a pot head for a global gun runner, when we convict people here for the same offense she pulled over there.


palesnowrider1 t1_j9cxafn wrote

I wonder when the book/Netflix documentary comes out


BeavTek t1_j9j7k8h wrote

She better be covered in the American flag singing the anthem at the top of her lungs praising America after what the country has done for her.


Bread-n-Cheese t1_j9j8yff wrote

This comment section is a disaster. Weird misogynists and bots, as best I can tell.


KaimeiJay t1_j97tx99 wrote

Lot of know-it-alls on the sub today, huh.


planchetflaw t1_j9e7tho wrote

The one who frees the Merchant of Death becomes the Merchant of Death.


jocala t1_j99fodw wrote

Incel hot takes incoming


Skaigear t1_j9atp0a wrote

You must hate accountability.


jocala t1_j9azti6 wrote

Not as much as you incels hate anyone who isn’t a straight white male


Alfred-Fallon-Borden t1_j988k5o wrote

Once again, it is better for ten guilty men to go free than for one innocent (woman in this case) to hang


slapshots1515 t1_j9bthj9 wrote

And when the guilty person freed by letting her go kills ten innocent people, how does your platitude balance that ledger?


Alfred-Fallon-Borden t1_j9bxf9j wrote

Do you believe his operations ceased while he was in prison?


slapshots1515 t1_j9bz1s7 wrote

I wouldn’t even pretend to speculate, since I’m not posturing like I know everything. I am, however, pointing out the flaws in using a platitude as a one-size-fits-all to cover every situation.


thethunder92 t1_j99hyof wrote

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