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bcbodie1978 t1_j9a89tj wrote

Did he drive 501 miles?


CaptainObvious t1_j9ac6ss wrote

"The two overtimes pushed the 65th running of the race to a record 212 laps — a dozen laps beyond the scheduled distance and a whopping 530 miles."


bcbodie1978 t1_j9ad9c5 wrote

Well that kinda ruins the joke.


CaptainObvious t1_j9aj0co wrote

Maybe there should be an asterisk?


gamedemon24 OP t1_j9anpfo wrote

It’s actually happened a good handful of times, this wasn’t some super unprecedented outcome. This year was just the longest.


ducks_09 t1_j9bn07u wrote

How did 2 OTs push it to 12 laps more? Aren’t OTs only a couple laps?


lord_pizzabird t1_j9br6dh wrote

They kept crashing, extending the OT.

It's really dumb system that IMO ruins races like this. I get why they've done this, but this is worse than having anticlimactic yellow-flag checkers. It's better from the audience perspective, but worse for the quality of the sport itself.


ducks_09 t1_j9brey6 wrote

Right but it was only 2 OTs. If crashes kept extending there wouldn’t be more no?


JCNoles t1_j9bsmv5 wrote

Track cleanup caused long cautions. I think the last caution was around 7 laps.


ducks_09 t1_j9byna8 wrote

I thought caution laps count up on the lap count? Like if you caution on lap 150 for 3 laps it’ll be lap 153 after.


Rush2207 t1_j9c629l wrote

Normally yes they do but nascar has an overtime rule in an attempt to make every race end under green flag conditions. if the race would end under yellow they do a two lap shootout to decide the race. If the leader makes it to the final lap before they wreck again then the next flag ends it.


jwk90 t1_j9cg495 wrote

Correct, every lap adds to the count, caution or green, wether they happen before or after the advertised distance.


JCNoles t1_j9c6pcn wrote

Yes. I don't remember if this is exactly how it went, but imagine it was Green on lap 201, Yellow 202-210, and Green 211-212. Two overtimes with a long caution in between led to 12 extra laps.


Zlifbar t1_j9arrkr wrote

I would be the one to drive 501 miles to fall down at your door


Lucky_Locks t1_j9ab76q wrote

Right? This title made no sense lol

Edit: Goodness y'all, I'm tacking on to another sarcastic joke. Calm down.


TampaTrey t1_j9aiqez wrote

If it had went to one more OT Ricky would not have won. His car just ran out of gas after the finish, as he didn’t even have enough to do a celebratory burn out.

Way to go Ricky 👍


Half-Mayonnaise t1_j9brtoq wrote

I know nothing about racing or Nascar. Can someone explain why you would ever need OT in a race? Doesn't the first person across the line just win? The possibility of an exact tie seems improbably low so there must be something I don't understand.


gamedemon24 OP t1_j9bts8v wrote

It’s not about ties. A caution flag in NASCAR takes up about 5 laps for them idling around the track while the incident is cleaned up. If this happens with like, 2 laps to go, they won’t just have the race reach its scheduled distance and end with the field under caution. They’ll extend the length of the race so there can be a green-white-checkered: a 2-lap restart where the field takes the green flag, goes around to take the white flag, and then comes to the checkered flag. If another wreck happens before the white flag is reached, they’ll try again. This can lead to the race distance being extended multiple times.

In this case they had reached the white flag at the time of the final crash, and because of this the race was ended as soon as the caution flag flew. Stenhouse was the leader at that point, and was therefore declared the victor.

I really hope that was at all concise! I work within racing so I’m happy to answer any other questions.


Half-Mayonnaise t1_j9bugnv wrote

Thank you for the explanation! That's really helpful and makes a lot of sense. Ending a race under caution would be so anticlimactic. Extending it makes more sense. I had always thought that races could end up caution but maybe that's for different leagues like F1 or something.


Kim_Jong_Teemo t1_j9c4nyh wrote

NASCAR used to be able to end under caution but fans didn’t enjoy that so they changed it quite a few years ago.


EddieGrant t1_j9d2w4h wrote

And they're not enjoying that either lol. NASCAR fans will never be happy.


walterpeck1 t1_j9c6xd7 wrote

> I had always thought that races could end up caution but maybe that's for different leagues like F1 or something.

Pretty sure NASCAR is the only pro race series that does this. All others can end under caution like you were thinking.


Noteagro t1_j9c1klv wrote

After how the 2021 F1 season ended, and then Monza 2022 ended I am surprised the FIA don’t use similar rules…


mubs42 t1_j9c3840 wrote

Formula 1 cars can't refuel during the race, so extending it isn't an option when they have only have just enough fuel to finish the race.


Noteagro t1_j9c3dnr wrote

Oh true true, didn’t think about that.


Jonesbro t1_j9ckre3 wrote

F1 should take notes so that we can go car racing


George_H_W_Kush t1_j9bg5eo wrote

This is the first plate race I haven’t tossed a little money on wrecky for shits and giggles in years…


TechieZack t1_j9bd3fj wrote

It was a good race, but not great IMO.

Ricky is a good driver - happy he bagged it!


lessermeister t1_j9buu4a wrote

Absolutely moronic way to call a winner. Let them race to the effing checkered flag at least.


Obi_Uno t1_j9c0wey wrote

Didn’t they previously race to the checkered flag (and more widely raced back to the caution flag) but it led to really dangerous situations?

Ex: cars going full speed near disabled vehicles with a driver still on board


jwk90 t1_j9cjy6m wrote

Correct, they changed the rule in 2003. They used to do that until a car was stopped right next to the start finish line and nearly got hit at full speed while racing back to the line.

Also track workers were out on hold until the track was clear, or put in danger if they entered the track while racing back to the yellow.


lessermeister t1_j9cv415 wrote

I don’t remember how it used to be but if the crash is behind and the white flag has flown then there shouldn’t be any wrecked cars to the checkered.


EddieGrant t1_j9d30tc wrote

But the issue then have is the cars behind the wrecked cars would have to slow down, and unlike F1 or other race series, there's no sector flags, just full course cautions, so it's either slow the whole field down, or none at all.


gamedemon24 OP t1_j9d2ir7 wrote

It used to be a LOT easier to end under caution than it is now. The rules have changed multiple times to give them the most opportunities to end under green. But here’s the reason why a caution on the last lap ending it makes sense: during last year’s All-Star Race they did away with it and experimented with being able to line them back up no matter how last second the wreck was. Ryan Blaney was literally ten yards from the checkered flag when the caution came out. He crossed the line literally less than a second after the caution waved, and (understandably) had no clue it even happened and thought he won. He unfastened his window net to celebrate and prepare to exit the car…only to be told he had to restart again. So now you’ve got a car with an undone safety device who has to race more.

Would that exact situation happen every time? Probably not. But you can see how last last moment cautions lead to clusterfucks. There’s gotta be a cutoff somewhere and the last lap is a pretty generous place to put it.


jyar1811 t1_j9dnkpp wrote

And a one car team to boot. Almost unheard of in NASCAR. Well done


jonredd901 t1_j9c2qy5 wrote

He took 48 more lefts than anyone ever.


DangerRangerRadio t1_j9dtt6a wrote

Aren’t all those races 500 long ?


gamedemon24 OP t1_j9g29su wrote

500 miles is the scheduled distance, but there’s a rule in place where they’ll extend the length to try and avoid finishing under caution conditions.


godosomethingelse t1_j9celig wrote

I don’t get it. They’re all 500!


jwk90 t1_j9cfpdb wrote

Overtime. It was actually 530 miles.


wingnutbridges t1_j9bosre wrote

He needs better antiperspirant...


gamedemon24 OP t1_j9d2ngn wrote

The drivers usually lose multiple pounds in sweat per race. Ain’t no antiperspirant that can handle that (I know you were joking)


Realistic-Plant3957 t1_j9ahjki wrote

In short - To say this Daytona 500 was a milestone race was an understatement — for Stenhouse and for NASCAR. Daugherty, who left the track earlier Sunday with an eye irritation, is the first Black car owner to win the race and Jodi Geschickter joined Teresa Earnhardt as female car owners to win the Daytona 500. Kyle Larson was collected in the race-ending crash after he jumped out of line too early in an attempt to win the race. Reigning Cup champion Joey Logano finished second in a Ford for Team Penske, which won the race last year with Austin Cindric. But, no, it’s just par for the course, just used to it and come down here every year to just find out when and where I’m going to crash and what lap I come out of the care center,” Busch said. “


slapshots1515 t1_j9bv36m wrote

Why not just link the relevant ESPN article instead of ripping a bunch of random disjointed quotes from it and pasting them with weird formatting?


Zlifbar t1_j9aroym wrote

You know things are jacked up when someone one 500 mile race is longer than the rest


Liquidwombat t1_j9b3uag wrote

You know… I was thinking the exact same thing lol I’m sure they’re referring to the period of time it took to complete the race but it’s still a really stupid headline.

Edit: turns out you were more right than you knew, and I was totally wrong. Somehow a race has overtime (which doesn’t make any sense because the race isn’t timed) and the “overtime” resulted in extra laps being run, so it was in fact a 530 mile long 500 mile race.


slyfox1908 t1_j9bbv0o wrote

What would make more sense than “overtime”? Overlap? Overdrive?


Liquidwombat t1_j9bg02p wrote

I mean… What would make the most sense would be for the race to be over when its predetermined distance has been completed.

No reason to make the race longer. If it ends under a yellow flag, it ends under a yellow flag. If they have to red flag it, resume at the distance they were at. I don’t see how this is complicated or controversial

Then again, the pure intentional chaos at the end of recent Daytona 500’s should have been nipped in the bud and not allowed in the first place

Next thing you know they’re going to add an extra hour on to the 24 hours of Le Mans because somebody crashed during the final hour. Or maybe we can add an extra stage to the Monaco rally if one stage is too muddy. I know let’s make the Baja 1000 an extra 60 miles long just in case somebody breaks an axle! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

but if they do want to add laps on (which still doesn’t make any damn sense) why not just call them “extra laps”