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Griffinp01 t1_j9cxepr wrote

10 days until he proves hes a Pilon and not worth it again. There's a reason he was dumped so fast.


sunshine-thewerewolf t1_j9dglo2 wrote

If he was as talented as Kyrie he would've never been out of a job. You can say and do plenty of awful things if your worth outweighs the cost. This dude actually seemed to go and learn and at least try to pretend to get better and more informed, but he's a bench player at best. Your ability and worth dictates how much people will deal with your bullshit. So just be good at things and you can believe whatever nonsense you want 🙂


Griffinp01 t1_j9djjaa wrote

You said what I was trying to but with more words. Ty


efs120 t1_j9foz9r wrote

It’s depressing, but it seems completely plausible, that he could use a slur like that so casually and not understand its meaning. He didn’t seem very bright, but he did put in the work to educate himself and make amends, so if a team wants to take a chance, that’s fine. There has to be room for people to be welcomed back after putting in the work to improve themselves and make amends.