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getoffredditandstudy t1_j9kadcx wrote

The article explicitly states they have kids and are a parent to a little leaguer. Not sure if you were talking about yourself or the article


lucky_leftie t1_j9kdjd4 wrote

Wow. They said they do so that must be true! No one ever lies to try and prove a point!


getoffredditandstudy t1_j9kdpd8 wrote

You literally just did that


lucky_leftie t1_j9kdylm wrote

I lied by saying what? Did I claim to be going to little league games? Or are you just stupid and have 0 reading comprehension.


selfiecritic t1_j9mh37y wrote

Bruh you need to be more ok when being wrong. Delivered a good take then once presented info that directly differed to something you stated you doubled down. It’s ok to be wrong about that detail. Doesn’t ruin your good point prior


lucky_leftie t1_j9mjf3o wrote

I’m willing to accept being wrong. But not over some ignorant bullshit a “journalist” wrote. Is it possible their little league doesnt have women coaches? Yes. But when it’s your job to write about something. You should actually look into it instead of being disingenuous to prove a point.