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getoffredditandstudy t1_j9lbsib wrote

I think her points were silly sometimes, particularly that if the environment itself makes you uncomfortable why do you feel like you are owed the job or why would you make the kids games about yourself, it also doesn’t seem like she has baseball experience, but she is a parent just pointing that out


Balls_DeepinReality t1_j9llnz5 wrote

It’s totally understandable that some of those groups have a heavy male presence, that’s not unheard of and I’m sure lots of them are still “boys clubs”.

With a little deduction it sounds like the writer signed up late to the league, and instead of giving pats on the back (for the only email provided, that was worded very inclusively), they chose to have a pissy attitude instead of creating a positive experience.

Now I’ll acknowledge I can’t say for a fact they didn’t try, or won’t, but what a shit ass viewpoint to start at.