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Mp32pingi25 t1_j9gkut8 wrote

Pay wall, but I read I little bit before I block me out. And from what I saw. No I don’t care if the coach is a gal. As long as she knows the game and the fundamentals. Plus I think lady’s are better teachers in general than males.


heelspider t1_j9gmrlk wrote

Is there a place that suffers from too many parents wanting to be coaches?


x5736gh t1_j9gu846 wrote

I had multiple female little league coaches in the early 90s


bjbfhss_83 t1_j9hloq1 wrote

When I was in Little League in the mid 90’s we had a female coach. Nobody cares.


igonnawrecku_VGC t1_j9hn3qh wrote

The best coach I ever had in little league was female. I had her for six seasons. As long as a coach above the single A level knows what they’re doing, I really don’t care who they are


TheFoxandTheSandor t1_j9i9qrb wrote

My mom was the only female coach I ever had growing up and I thought she was so badass in the late 80’s to be the only lady coach out there.


oatmeal28 t1_j9ik60o wrote

Turning up the passive aggressiveness to a solid 10


cosmicdave86 t1_j9j4yg9 wrote

The 80s called, they want your social injustice back.


lucky_leftie t1_j9ja0yc wrote

Written by a person with no kids and who doesn’t go to little league games. We definitely had a mixture. It wasn’t 50/50 it was more like 20/80. But maybe. Just maybe. They don’t want to coach. They are always asking for volunteers where I live so wtf are they on about


Balls_DeepinReality t1_j9jg65t wrote

It’s paywalled. I’m not gonna deal with that shit.

But as someone pointed out she’s not a parent, and parents tend to volunteer for those roles.

You can’t argue with free. Pun intended.


IronSavage3 t1_j9jqkwc wrote

In a lot of places there isn’t a sufficient infrastructure in place to solicit then vet potential volunteers who don’t have kids participating in the league. Almost every coach I’ve had in every sport until high school was someone’s dad who volunteered. The exceptions were younger parents who lived near my school and knew they’d be sending their kids there when they were old enough so they volunteered early to get some experience before their own kids came through.


LikeFarOutScoob t1_j9jx8tv wrote

This woman has clearly never seen a movie. All she needs to do is be a drunken car crash of a human being, get in a bit of trouble with the law, and she'll get her very own court appointment team of guarded but lovable misfits who will teach her how to become a better version of herself.


morosco t1_j9jyn75 wrote

I believe that women should have equal opportunities to harass and threaten teenage umpires.


dojarelius t1_j9k6qbd wrote

Our league is desperate for coaches especially in the lower leagues. Same with soccer


Sokkumboppaz t1_j9karqz wrote

I had multiple female coaches across multiple sports (soccer, baseball, swimming, basketball, track/xc, volleyball, rugby) from the early 2000s into the mid 2010s even in high school. I don’t think anyone had complaints about them being female as long as they were good coaches


LAsDad t1_j9kgl1w wrote

I mean, huh? My kid is in tee ball, basketball, and soccer and 2/3 are female coaches. I didn't even realize I was supposed to be opposed to it! Oops.


Balls_DeepinReality t1_j9kweso wrote

She volunteered as a “scorekeeper”?

”The only mom mentioned in the email had “graciously volunteered” as “team parent,” a thankless administrative role that’s important, but nothing like participating in a coaching role.”

So the only woman that was included in the story, was treated not only as an equal, but also volunteered.

The only person diminishing that achievement is this writer.

Personally I’ve got no issue with anyone making the experience a child has a better one. This is not a step towards that.


mtb443 t1_j9kwodn wrote

Half of my youth coaches were moms in the 90s. This is some weird victim fetish.


getoffredditandstudy t1_j9lbsib wrote

I think her points were silly sometimes, particularly that if the environment itself makes you uncomfortable why do you feel like you are owed the job or why would you make the kids games about yourself, it also doesn’t seem like she has baseball experience, but she is a parent just pointing that out


Balls_DeepinReality t1_j9llnz5 wrote

It’s totally understandable that some of those groups have a heavy male presence, that’s not unheard of and I’m sure lots of them are still “boys clubs”.

With a little deduction it sounds like the writer signed up late to the league, and instead of giving pats on the back (for the only email provided, that was worded very inclusively), they chose to have a pissy attitude instead of creating a positive experience.

Now I’ll acknowledge I can’t say for a fact they didn’t try, or won’t, but what a shit ass viewpoint to start at.


selfiecritic t1_j9mh37y wrote

Bruh you need to be more ok when being wrong. Delivered a good take then once presented info that directly differed to something you stated you doubled down. It’s ok to be wrong about that detail. Doesn’t ruin your good point prior


lucky_leftie t1_j9mjf3o wrote

I’m willing to accept being wrong. But not over some ignorant bullshit a “journalist” wrote. Is it possible their little league doesnt have women coaches? Yes. But when it’s your job to write about something. You should actually look into it instead of being disingenuous to prove a point.