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cl0udmaster t1_j9jjmio wrote

Can anyone else not believe we traded a literal fucking warlord for Brittney Griner


Balls_DeepinReality t1_j9lcdqy wrote

It’s like an onion article, ate another onion article.

It makes so little sense that there will undoubtedly be a conspiracy theory on Fox News once a day for the next 5 years


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9l2v8m wrote

he was set for release in like 5 years


cl0udmaster t1_j9l35dl wrote

Actually, 11 years. He was sentenced to minimum 25 years in 2012.


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9l507z wrote

he WAS scheduled for release on August 2029, my mistake i misremembered it as 2027. Very few prisoners serve full sentences.


cl0udmaster t1_j9l5lhz wrote

Got it. The point still stands that we released a terrorist for an entertainer who bounces a ball.


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9l5ywe wrote

its not about that its about the US having a responsibility to save its people when they get politically imprisoned. Besides Viktor Bout isnt gonna go back and start revving up the war machine, he is just gonna become a propaganda pundit for putin


cl0udmaster t1_j9l79sc wrote

Tell that to Paul Whelan


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9lfe6v wrote

he was an actual spy, not a civilian. And the US spent months trying to include him in the deal but Russia wanted a spy equivalent of him to trade, which the US didnt have to give


Portugal737 t1_j9p1w4y wrote

There are many American citizens put behind bars for literally NOTHING. This lady did something illegal and got bailed out. If you or I did the same, we would rot away.


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9q274s wrote

the real punishment for what she did is a fine and a 30 day sentence. She was a political prisoner, if you think otherwise youre wrong


Portugal737 t1_j9q5hkr wrote

I agree that anything more than what you described would be too harsh of a punishment. But you glazed over the fact that if it was you or I, the government would not be trading a high profile prisoner in exchange.

I also don’t know the Russian laws, but if in Russia you can serve say 10 years, then she deserves 10 years. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong.


Angelic_Phoenix t1_j9q7uag wrote

well I HAVE researched russian laws and it isnt 10 years. Its 30 days and a fine (sometimes a bribe). Do your research before spreading misinformation


Flbudskis t1_j9kuzg6 wrote

How else would Biden pander to the African American voters??