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royle53 t1_j9qxakj wrote

Who doesn’t want to win lol.

Player parts ways with x team, but let it be noted he does not care where he goes because he’s ambivalent about wining


Sgt-Pumpernickel t1_j9qy7hz wrote

There’s definitely gotta be some guys that care less about winning than they do the money


Dranj t1_j9r4hvr wrote

I'm sure there are players that care more about the community they live in than winning games as well. I know they don't technically have to live full time in or around their team's city, but playing for a team has to be a much more attractive prospect if you also enjoy living in the area.


GreenGeese t1_j9rj4sw wrote

Also the tax benefits of playing in certain states


Distillmagic t1_j9sk4cu wrote

This point gets overblown bc players end up paying state taxes based on each state they play in. It’s still different bc you’ll play ~50% of games in one state but not as extreme as you think.


GreenGeese t1_j9sknvu wrote

People always make this point like not paying income tax on ~50% of your multimillion dollar earnings isn’t an absolutely massive thing.


GoCougz7446 t1_j9tkcgw wrote

You’re not wrong. The whole statement is pretty dumb to begin with, yes he wants to win. Will he probably take the best deal, yes.


That_White_Kid95 t1_j9r47cc wrote

LeVeon Bell.

And they typically end up out of the league pretty quickly afterwards... like LeVeon Bell


htx1114 t1_j9s9xds wrote

Albert Haynesworth quietly nods in agreement


SoupaSoka t1_j9rnri0 wrote

Mike Trout enters the chat.


notyouravgredditor t1_j9u7ib8 wrote

Practically Babe Ruth reincarnated and people that don't follow baseball don't even know who he is...


SoupaSoka t1_j9u7uy8 wrote

Incredible player but he's only been in the post season once, right? Hell do the Angels even get above 0.500 records these last few years?

Frankly, the Angels have two HoF caliber players on their team and they're not even a winning team. Some serious problems there.


LighTMan913 t1_j9tbpek wrote

Think Tyreek regrets leaving the Chiefs? I'd say probably not with the bag he got.

Granted, the Dolphins were looking good before Tua rattled his brain a few times, but still


I_choose_not_to_run t1_j9rvh4a wrote

Julius Thomas


alex-caruso t1_j9scvhf wrote

He made the right move. Got paid barely anything on his rookie deal, then got exposed (with bad QB play) after he signed the big deal with the Jags. Nothing wrong with that.


r_slash t1_j9tifh9 wrote

Yeah but they don’t tell that to the press


saunderse4 t1_j9rgybt wrote

Tyreek Hill is a great example. Turned down Chiefs for an extra couple million. ✌🏻 Glad he’s gone too. ☺️


Doggleganger t1_j9qz6di wrote

Many players care more about the money. They'll sign the biggest contract, even if for a shit team.


bobbybuildsbombs t1_j9r2t96 wrote

It's football.

If you aren't a quarterback, blink and your career is over. Get paid.


Doggleganger t1_j9r4wta wrote

Yep. Not saying it's a bad move, just pointing out that many players want to get paid more than they want to win.


monster-of-the-week t1_j9rip7p wrote

Most players rhat have the luxury to choose between getting a bigger payday or playing to win a title are already the top of the top.

Everyone else is just trying to get the most they can, which is what anyone would do in that position.


BroJackson_ t1_j9s3hew wrote

As they should. I’m not trying to get employee of the month, I want the biggest paycheck.

A Super Bowl ring is a great memory and a cool story to talk about a couple decades down the road. But I’d rather talk about a 8-9 season from my winter home.


bobbybuildsbombs t1_j9r5htb wrote

Oh yeah, I wasn't meaning to be contrarian. More just supplementing.


definitelyjoking t1_j9rkiqe wrote

Shit, especially if you're a guy like Bobby Wagner. He's won a Superbowl, and he's been to two. What's left to prove?


ryathal t1_j9rpoah wrote

Even if you are a quarter back. Most players don't sign a second contract.


Reverie_39 t1_j9r4wzl wrote

I think it can vary. A lot of players after performing well on rookie deals will go basically wherever they can get the most money. Then after making that, once they’re getting older, may be willing to take a cheaper deal with a contender to try and add a Super Bowl ring to their career.


Unicron_was_right t1_j9rrq0t wrote

I think about this “wants to win” notion and laugh and laugh. JJ Watt “wanted to win” when he left Houston, but chose the 8-8 Cardinals over the 13-3 Bills because the Cards offered him $10million dollars.


signmeupdude t1_j9r951p wrote

Stop being willfully obtuse.

There are plenty of players who want the most money possible regardless of team. I mean its a job for them at the end of the day so it makes sense.

Saying X Free Agent wants to go somewhere to win is a completely normal thing to say.


royle53 t1_j9um4k1 wrote

Willfully obtuse huh? Big word bob over here. Gtfo man it wasn’t supposed to be that serious. You must be really fun at parties


mxbnr t1_j9rgtmv wrote

Do you need to be reminded of a certain qb who ended up going to a crappy team he said he didn’t want to go to until they gave him a record breaking fully guaranteed contract.


Scitron t1_j9r4ay0 wrote

Any player that goes to a bad team. Lev bell is one off the top of my head


chastity_BLT t1_j9s5yie wrote

The vast majority lol. Only the elite players only top dollar contracts have the luxury of walking away from money to chase on field success.


StuffinHarper t1_j9uiefc wrote

Most players don't like losing and will play hard to try and win etc but care more about money/where they live etc. Its not that they don't want to play on a good they just rank it lower than other stuff. It often used more for end of career players and means more, "they want to win now".


royle53 t1_j9ulu9d wrote

Yeah I’m aware of all that I was more or less just being absurd


CTeam19 t1_j9r8pgj wrote

There are sooooo much waste space of comments and questions in sports media I am just waiting for someone to be brutally honest on draft night:

  • some coach that just straight up says "nah this kid ain't ready to be drafted"

  • a dad that says he is not proud of his son


dishwab t1_j9rpth6 wrote

People who sign for the Lions


Black-H-Si t1_j9r7p5t wrote

Lions are looking for a veteran FA for their rookie LB class to learn off of. Would be nice.


p3p3_silvia t1_j9rktpj wrote

He said win


Black-H-Si t1_j9rmhnr wrote

9-8, between eight and eleventh best Super Bowl odds for next season depending on which sports website you go with. It’s looking good but our history has the whole base reasonably skeptical.


falubiii t1_j9rtqyv wrote

Lions had a great second half to the season, but yeah I think they need to make the playoffs before a FA looking to win is convinced.


[deleted] t1_j9v24w3 wrote



me_irl_irl_irl_irl t1_j9shy18 wrote

this is a meme comment made by a meme person

teams are bad until they're good. that transition already happened for the Lions last season, unless you forgot to watch football for the entire year

their primary need is defensive studs. If Wagner to the Lions doesn't happen it's only because it makes too much sense, and those deals never seem to happen


Songsforcarchases t1_j9rr3ex wrote

How is this dude still playing at a high level? Year 11 coming up, just had a career year in sacks.


Dinnermaster t1_j9tr1qj wrote

It’s weird because he looked pretty washed athletically the previous season but this year he came out looking like vintage Seattle Wagner


Yiptice t1_j9uciuv wrote

Rams defense has better players rn, his last year in Seattle was bad bc he was playing with a bunch of scrubs. Not to mention Bobby had a massive chip on his shoulder for getting cut.


Dflyshigh t1_j9qrwcr wrote

Come back to the Hawks!!!!!!


usernametimee44 t1_j9r3a3p wrote

It says he wants to win


1aeiouyy t1_j9rix43 wrote

The Seahawks have done a pretty damn good job with the winning thing for quite a while now. Quit being a turdball


usernametimee44 t1_j9s208e wrote

They haven’t won more than a wild card game in almost 10 years


Havingfungamin t1_j9s6bhn wrote

Only the patriots, packers, and 49ers have more playoff wins than the Seahawks in the last 10 years. And 2 of those teams didn’t even make the playoffs this year


KangaNaga t1_j9sahj3 wrote

Yes because that Super Bowl win 9 years ago isn’t as notable as a wildcard win


BucksBrew t1_j9rahk0 wrote

I’m sure he’s too pissed off at our front office but that would be fantastic.


SuperMaanas t1_j9r3o3g wrote

He’s looking for one final payday that the Rams can’t give him.


danish07 t1_j9rd111 wrote

Not sure what the contract details were but I’m pretty sure if he wanted to he could have just stayed and they would have had to pay him the rest of the guaranteed money. He just finished year one of a five year contract.


SuperMaanas t1_j9rgbq6 wrote

It was only a 2-3 year contract and the rest of it was fluff.


danish07 t1_j9rlgfg wrote

Yeah I just heard Rams had an out after 1 year so there you go.


welsman13 t1_j9tsdzt wrote

And even with as well as he played, the difference wasn't that massive. It's great when you draft a standout middle linebacker but paying one big money in free agency doesn't make a whole lot of sense. They're the runningbacks of defence.


corn_sugar_isotope t1_j9rqawa wrote

His pay has been declining at a faster pace than his play. Hawks cut him at 20m/yr, Rams signed him at 10m/yr. Love him and I think (idk) he was a force last year. But he has already cashed in.


I-farm-celery t1_j9qxrs4 wrote

Too bad Green Bay loves the 4th and inches soft fucking zone otherwise he’d be an amazing addition if Rodgers stayed


im_THIS_guy t1_j9rbqn1 wrote

Rams went from Super Bowl to dumpster fire in record time. Who knew that you needed draft picks to sustain a franchise?


OhHeyItsBrock t1_j9rionm wrote

I think this is a bad take. They returned a lot of the team from last year. Just couldn’t get through all of the injuries. O line was a mess from day 1 and not having von miller obviously hurts. But I don’t think the first round picks (or lack thereof I should say) sank the rams this past year.


matth3976 t1_j9t7ubj wrote

Could be argued how the lack of depth from not having picks exasperated how badly the injuries impacted them. But they still got a ring!


OhHeyItsBrock t1_j9tacou wrote

Ya that sure could be argued. Didn’t think about that. Guess we will never know.


robdiqulous t1_j9rnsc8 wrote

And they couldn't care less because they just won a super bowl. That was the whole point. You think they thought this wouldn't happen?


Gen-Jinjur t1_j9r7umh wrote

Seattle needs him back.


FtheMustard t1_j9r2pst wrote

Might look good in Kelly Green...


EvanHarpell t1_j9rqg74 wrote

Bruh we ain't got the $$$ for that. We already got 7 starters who are FAs we gotta do something about.


FtheMustard t1_j9rsl9s wrote

I know. Be nice, though. Hopefully Nakobe has us covered!


nw_gser t1_j9rkloj wrote

Bring him back to the Seahawks!!


underbite420 t1_j9qxits wrote

He will look good in MN


clorcan t1_j9r6m7g wrote

He said he was looking to win. He didn't say he was going wide right.


Prestig33 t1_j9r8yny wrote

Sorry, it's actually wide left. At least get your insults right.


clorcan t1_j9re7zv wrote

You're right. I got that wrong. I googled wide right and bills popped up on the Google search recommendations. Second guessed myself.


Rampant_baconator t1_j9rssom wrote

I think MM needs youth on defense honestly. For the price tag on Wagner I’d pass honestly. Time for fresh legs on the MN defense unless he comes with a vet min pretty much.


TheRealGunn t1_j9r871t wrote

And every pseudo journalist will be talking about rumors of him going to the Cowboys in 3, 2, 1...


FlashScooby t1_j9s5inn wrote

> and Wagner wants to win

Based as hell


ZimbabweHeist t1_j9ubnir wrote

What's wild is that he is leaving a team that won the super bowl just last year because he wants to win lol


cmockett t1_j9sl4ln wrote

Broncos Country, let’s ride


stormking14 t1_j9sxuhz wrote

Come to the bills please !


samxyx t1_j9uevdq wrote

Rams can’t win any more? Bad year last year but the year before they won the Super Bowl


Maxwe4 t1_j9uve7r wrote

They won the superbowl last year, how much more winning can you get?


Thundersson1978 t1_j9s68k5 wrote

Head line seems off, being the career norm for the position is about 10 good years.


NorseOfCourse t1_j9s2jc9 wrote

Can't wait to see him as a Viking.


ITTITT t1_j9qvuap wrote

He wants to win eh?... (said the obnoxious Chiefs fans of which I am one).